A Season of Renewal: A Spring of Fulfillment!

Spring has sprung and Easter Sunday is now behind us. The WE ARE ALL HOMELESS Exhibit will also end this Saturday, and the parish is falling into a ‘normal’ routine as we find ourselves in the beautiful season of Easter! We have so much to look forward to and so much to be grateful for.

The Holy Week experience this year was simply beautiful. Palm Sunday found us gathering in our beautiful outdoors with donkeys and goats as Jesus rode into our hearts again, and together, we turned our faces toward His Passion journey. The Easter Triduum – from Holy Thursday to the Easter Vigil – were something to behold and relish. We welcomed the children of Teta and Beth and exclaimed the good and welcoming invitation of Jesus to another family! Then, Easter Sunday was packed from ‘stem to stern’ with families and friends in all shapes and sizes with 500 beautiful doves flying overhead! A beautiful way to welcome home Easter – into our church and well into our hearts where the goodness of God grows and is nurtured. And, as an added bonus, after a beautiful Easter week, we find ourselves featured in another article in the Philadelphia Inquirer!

We now turn to a more regular routine as we finish our PREP/CCD year with more baptisms (including today’s with Noah Bradley!) and First Holy Communion and then our annual May Crowning. This summer will bring a new face to our parish ministry team, renovations to our administration and school, a new playground, and added stabilization to our historic cemetery. So much happening, so many new things, and so much more to care for and become good stewards of! We are blessed. Let’s act like we are blessed, too!

So, we now make our final push to complete our annual appeal and we will show the world something we have already learned: Giving to others is such a joy! I have learned in my life that our God is a generous God – A God who has been revealed in Jesus as the One who deeply and passionately loves us. This is the season we now celebrate! Our God is also a God of transformation – who changes us, and through us, changes the world.  And this is our renewed invitation to share the love and power of God with others!

We now turn our eyes to bring our hearts to give thanks, as we continue to care for so many yet to come!

Help us to bring our appeal to fruition and watch as many more good things come to us, those who have been faithful to all that Jesus is!

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