Be Fearless!


Sometimes I wonder why everyone doesn’t have a bit of courage. I don’t mean courage to fight fires or crime, like our brave firefighters and police officers, but just enough daily courage to ensure that dreams come true for someone else.

Sometimes, as a priest, I have to tell stories of others to impart the ideal that all dreams can actually come true. I am living testimony to that fact, and while that doesn’t mean they will always come true, more often than not, dreams do come true, or a new and more wonderful and unexpected versions of that original dream arises into reality! But we must first step out in generosity and faith.

Our stories are so often intertwined. Your story becomes part of my story, which then becomes part of their story. It is a small miracle in and of itself if you think on it deeply enough. All of us have hopes, desires, dreams, but many think that dreams coming true is fictional, or that they only come true for others; the brave, the fearless, the worthy, the good, those deserving enough of it to actually happen; you know, all the others.

The thing is, we all can make our dreams come true, it just takes courage, conviction, a plan, and dedication. We must simply make our dreams part of the fabric of our reality by imagining our wildest dreams as true today. For most people, that scares them intensely and it may not happen overnight. But, if you do it over time, little bits and bites now and then, here and there, but with consistency, soon, the dream arises with a familiarity as your next breath!

Look around you for a moment and marvel. All that you see here at Saint Miriam was a dream of mine just a mere 10 short years ago. And while I am not particularly courageous, I am fearless! There is a difference! I am fearless because I just kept going when others – so many others – said it could never be done. Oh, I have stumbled and made many mistakes along the way, and I could have given up and taken many of yourdreams with me in the process, but instead, I stayed in the water, even when it was so frigid that it almost broke my very bones, and I held on to my dream, and soon I was slaying dragons across the great castle mote! But none of this was for me, it was for you, your family, your children, and their children yet to come. It was all for someone else.

Yes, all that we have built here: the parish, the walls, the liturgy, the library, the bell tower, the school, the cemetery, the inclusion, the music, the gardens, the Café, the people…all of it took a dream and a little bit of courage. It is what demands creativity, deliberateness, consciousness, and connectivity to others. Courage is staying put when others so quickly run away from the hardship that is ultimately part of the process of dreaming and building.

Courage is what built this dream  – our dream – thus far…what’s next? Not sure, but I remain fearless and I pray you will, too!



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