Franciscan Moments @ Saint Miriam: August 7, 2017


We are so busy! Busy with family, friends, going out, meeting new acquaintances for a drink at the local pub, making money, caring for children, aging parents, or those grandchildren, too! Yes, we are so busy in our twenty-first century modern, instant-communication world taking care of all the issues and people right in front of us that we often fail to enrich our relationship with God.

St. Francis in his own very busy world of teaching, working, writing, and re-building the Church of God, found the only way for him to be truly sustained and to balance the rest of the world’s activities and demands, was to be in a regular pattern of prayer. For St. Francis, this was his essential sustenance; for many of us in our modern day, it is almost an inconvenience to even think about doing on a regular basis.

The psalmist once wrote, “By day the Lord commands his steadfast love, and at night his song is with me, a prayer to the God of my life.” (Psalm 42:8) The psalmist knew what we must learn: prayer is our gateway to a God who adores us. A God who calls us each by name. A God who knew our name before we were born. A God who loves us so much that He writes our name on the palm of His hand, and gave us the gift of eternal life by sacrificing that which was most precious to Him, God’s own child, Jesus.
In liturgy, we learn that some of the most powerful moments are found in what I call, ‘the gift of the pause’; when actions and words cease, and the Holy Spirit can flourish and come and direct our thoughts and be fully present to us. In a similar way, our intentional actions, our intended pauses for prayer, our words or moments of divine silence, invite us into a deeper dialogue with God, who so desires to be in communication with us. God calls us to be in an ever-deepening relationship with Him because He loves us so much. 
At Saint Miriam, we know that building a relationship with God takes time, commitment, and a regular rhythm. So, we offer many opportunities to deepen our relationship with our Creator. Through Small Groups that enhance our spirituality and prayer life, to Adoration and Benediction, our devotion to our Blessed Mother through the rosary, to the Mass itself. We know the vitality and importance of putting God on our daily or weekly calendar, just like we do for any other friend. Yes, God comes. Our part is to remember to simply make time to invite the God who gave us life itself.
How will you make time this week for God in your life? Would your best friend, occasional workmate, or watchful neighbor be able to discern that you are a Christian and love God by your actions or words this week? 

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