Franciscan Moments @ Saint Miriam: February 25, 2019

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sang their hit, “Shallow”, from the movie A Star is Born, at last night’s Oscars. The beautiful song, which won the Oscar for Best Original Song, lyrics go like this:

Tell me something, boy
Aren’t you tired tryin’ to fill that void?
Or do you need more?
Ain’t it hard keeping it so hardcore?

I thought about this song, as I reflected on the image I used today. It is a homeless sign from the WE ARE ALL HOMELESS exhibit that our parish is hosting through Lent 2019. I wonder how many in the world try to fill voids with things and power and intimidation and money and threats and ‘stuff’ but somehow always wake up shallow and in need. I wonder how many of the world will miss the intent of Lent again this year? I wonder how many, the very same who walk by the homeless or look at them with disdain, will also wake more impoverished than one of these, as their shallow lives are unable to be filled with anything of true substance?

St. Francis desired to imitate the poverty of our Christ. He wasn’t chasing some abstract ideal for he saw the gospels as the truest example of not having  ‘a place to lay his head.’  As Leonard Foley put it so aptly, “Poverty, in the sense of nonpossession, is neither good nor bad—it is simply a fact. What makes Gospel poverty valuable is its purpose: the imitation of Christ for the purpose of Christ.”  This is why St. Paul’s words to the Philippians speaks of Jesus’  “emptying” himself, foregoing the glory to which he had a right as God, and entering into human nature in all its limitation, weakness, and suffering.  As perhaps now, so shall we…

Will you join us and walk through the moving – literally and figuratively – remnants of the homeless hanging within our parish walls as part of the WE ARE ALL HOMELESS exhibit for the chance to find your true home again? Will you allow Lent to be a time of true change where perhaps the life you live will go from shallow to full of abundance never dreamed?

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