It’s the Little Things that Mean So Much…

We have a vibrant and growing parish, BUT we also do real ministry! By ‘real’ I mean ministry that is more than just lip service. We actually worship God here with a beautiful Mass, and we honor our Blessed Mother with the Rosary, not once, but twice each week, AND we take our prayers to the streets in many ways! Here are a few:

Prayer Shawl Ministry: Each week, while many of us watch television, there are folks sitting and praying as they knit and crochet prayer shawls for those with illness or loss, new parents who will receive a baby blanket, and scarves to be placed in our Blessing Bags for the homeless.

Blessing Bags: Our “Blessing Food Bags” at Saint Miriam is an award-winning outreach to the homeless and food insecure in our area. Our program extends primarily to greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and suburbs, as well as Camden, New Jersey, Wilmington and Dover, Delaware areas. Our food blessing bags are supported by grant donations and volunteer contributions and are filled with nutritious food and goodies, as well as personal care items and feminine hygiene products for female clients. 

Sacred Space: Through this program our primary mission is to provide spiritual companionship to homeless men and women who seek a non-threatening way to be with others in relationship, in prayer and in community. We are un-housed and housed people called by God into Christian community and ministry for the purpose of transforming all our lives. Our weekly outdoor worship services are for anyone who wishes to attend. Singing, praying, reflection, and the Eucharist are offered. This is followed by opportunities for private conversation, prayer, blessing or counseling, and a light lunch. Sacred Space gathers every Sunday, rain or shine, at 3:00 p.m.

Scarves with a Purpose: We have teamed with Sacred Spaces to distribute newly created homemade scarfs from our wonderful Prayer Shawl Ministry Group for homeless persons in our area! Our warm, made with love, scarfs will be going to those who need warmth the most! Please support this new ministry by donating materials or making a generous donation or joining the group and helping make wonderful strength-giving knitted items for those in need of some pastoral care!

A Sanctuary Parish: Since May 2017, the Parish of Saint Miriam has been designated a “Sanctuary Parish.” The Board took this action upon recommendation from the mission and outreach committee, as well as from the desires of our pastor that we continue to ‘walk the talk’ and affirm our worldview of safe passage for all who come to us. This designation means that we’re committed to providing a variety of support, including, but not limited to, physical sanctuary at Saint Miriam to people who are threatened with deportation or unlawful incarceration or detainment solely based on their nation of origin or immigration status. In making this designation, our Board is saying that we’re going to be in alliance with people who are the most vulnerable.

Why is this all so important?  Because Saint Miriam is a church only when we are present and gathered in this assembly. However, when we leave, the church goes out into the world and makes it just a little bit better.

This coming month, you will learn about several new initiatives that will dovetail with the above programs and enhance the lives of the community, children and others. These new programs will include Buddy Benches, We are Homeless, and Safe Car! Support us and join us…

Just wait until you see who we become next during the upcoming year!

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