It’s Time to Be Attractive!


We have been blessed with a parish that grows every single year. We have also been blessed by a parish that has a demographic that most churches would love to have! With an average age that is below 50, and a population of children that grows every single year and a volunteer base that is also growing stronger with every month! We also do a large number of baptisms every month and our weddings increase every single year, too! Our incoming PREP/CCD Classes are the largest ever and our Preschool has surpassed yet another milestone this year with its fall incoming class! We are openly innovative, liturgically traditional, socially progressive, and radically welcoming! Wow, huh?!

That is way every single year we evaluate and reevaluate all the major activities of the parish. We actually (Yes, literally!) sit down with the ministry and lay leadership teams and decide what stays, what goes, what needs revamped, and what ‘new’ must come in! From Small Groups, to Fellowship and Outreach, to Mass Times, to Social and Fund-Raising Events, to Stewardship and budgets, to the needs to the ever-changing parish dynamic, every major aspect is revaluated annually to ensure we are never stale and always a needed part of your lives!

In the words of a good pastor, mentor, and friend of mine, many parishes find that they are only critically needed and embraced when someone is dying, someone has died, or someone thinks about dying! Not at Saint Miriam. While so many clergy open churches in garages or back rooms for the photo-ops, we continue to build a place that actually is a church, a relevant and needed place, that swings wide its doors to open the love of God to everyone who wishes to taste and see the goodness of the Lord, not a place where clergy get to play dress-up. We are relevant because you and your family are always first on our minds and the backdrop of every decision is the love of God and warmth of a welcome that can only be found in the One whom we follow, Jesus. But, we need your help, too!

So, besides your own attendance and giving, how can you help us? By inviting someone to church! It really is as simple as that! You see, there are four main ways to get people to start attending a church: (1) Advertising, which produces a result of less than 2%, (2) An invitation by me, as a pastor, which is a little more effective at 6%, (3) Any organized visitation, event, or outreach has a resultant expectation of about 8%, but a personal invitation from a friend like you? Ready for this?? A whopping 86% effective rate! That’s correct! One of the most effective ways to welcome new faces into your church is to have them brought by a face they already know! A friend, neighbor, or co-worker, a person they run into when in need like YOU! You can provide what I can never offer: a level of comfort and the easing of that awful sense of isolation that so often comes when entering an unfamiliar space for the first time, even a church as wonderful as ours!

Passionate people like you are what made Saint Miriam so special, and it is passionate people like you who are willing to invite someone they know to church that will help us grow into a place that welcomes them, too!

Folks, it’s Time to Be Attractive!

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