The Weekly Focus @ Saint Miriam for November 4, 2018!

Week of Sunday, November 4th 2018

The Solemnity of All Souls and Commemoration of All Saints! 

From our Pastor…

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Saint Miriam in Devotion.

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In Prayer,
Debbie, John, Myra, Ruth, Lorraine, Maria, Connor, Cathy, Maia, Patricia, Chrissy, Myra, Bob, Liz, Everett, Dick, Pat, Lisa, Wendy, Eileen, Jack, Maria, Mary Lou, Andrew, Marie, Shealyn, Celine, Marta, Cindy, Mehmet, Anne, MaryAnn and Ken, Bridget, Tom, Michael, Bobbette, Shirley, Kevin, Lucia, Ruth, Maia, Shealyn, Eileen, Maria, Liz, Jessica, Everett, Jen, Ezra and family, Lisa, Wendy, Eileen, Jack, Baby Adam, Maria, Mary Lou, Andrew, Pat, Marie, Shealyn, Celine, Marta, Everett, Cindy, Mehmet, Anne, MaryAnn and Ken, Bridget, Tom, Michael, Bobbette, Shirley, Kevin, Lucia, Ruth, Maia, Chuck, Tom, Lucy, Emma, Abigail, Amina.
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Let’s Eat!

A Cafe’ Experience That Works Wonders!
Now, every time you purchase something wonderful from our Saint Miriam Cafe’ after our Sunday morning Masses, we contribute 100% of that donation to a scholarship fund that allows children without the means to attend our wonderful Zion Preschool at Saint Miriam and Saint Miriam Academy! Your good eating, helps a child learn and grow!
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Saint Miriam, The Mass.

Our Mass Intentions…
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Memorial Masses: “In Loving Memory of…”
Louise Freed by Rick Freed
Diamond Williams by Rick Freed
Donna Miniscalco by Henry Miniscalco
Louise “Weezie” Testoni by Stephen Logan
Honor Masses:
Maria Wolf by Saint Miriam Ministry Team

Sanctuary Lamp: (burns all week, “In Memory or Honor of”)

In Memory of Vincent McNamara by Barry and Kate Vandegrift

Bread and Wine Sponsor for Month:

In Memory of Vincent McNamara by Barry and Kate Vandegrift


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 This Week: Who Is Celebrating!? 

Sunday Mass
Early Mass: Father John Francis  
Family Mass: Father John Francis
Morning Mass: Monsignor Jim
Thursday Rosary:
 6:15pm in Library: Marie Hazleton
Sunday Rosary:
 8:30am in Sanctuary:  Deacon Pat
🍂 Our NEW Fall Schedule! 🍂
Our new Fall Mass & Servce Schedule has been updated!
Please vise our website by Clicking Here.
Current News!

✝️ Order Your All Saints and All Souls Day Intentions!

Make your intentions for All Saints and All Souls’ Day today. This year, enjoy the display near the Altar – don’t miss out! Order forms in Library!

💽 Stewardship is Canceled!

You Heard it here first! Pick up your envelope and see how we will care for Saint Miriam and get a free gift, too! 

The Women of Saint Miriam Meet Today!

Join our Women’s Group after the 10:30am Morning mass in the undercroft and become part of something grand! 

😷 Maria Wolf on Medical Leave.

Please keep our own Maria Wolf, Cantor, in your prayers as she recovers from surgery this past week. She is home and doing well, but prayers are needed for her and her husband, David. We will welcome Maria back to the mic in December!

☕️ Cafe Help Needed!

We need help with set up and especially take down of the Saint Miriam Cafe’ – can you spend 30 minutes at approximately 11:30am one Sunday a month to help us?

Blended Families Support!

Parenting and marriage are hard enough and then you add the challenges of being a blended family! We can support each other and discuss topics that are common in our families. Join us for the initial group on Friday, December 7th from 7:00-8:00pm at Saint Miriam and then we will reconvene after the holidays. Feel free to contact Katie Wenger by e-mail ( or call/text (267-304-4442) with any questions.

🍽Sacred Meal Return in January!

Because of the way the holidays fall for November and December, our Sacred Meal Dinners will return on Wednesday, January, 23rd 2019 at 6:30pm!

♻ Continuing our Green Policy!

As part of our continuing effort to become even ‘greener’ as a parish community, we added the latest generation LED bulbs to the Sanctuary and will, by December’s end, eliminate all plastic bottled water and replace with ‘Boxed water”! We also wish everyone to increase your use of our refillable bottle station so pick up a free water bottle if you only agree to join us for our next Caring for Creation Group. And, Our Secular Franciscan Group will be designing and baking a new recyclable system for the parish! Watch us turn even greener! 

🍡 🍷 Help us with the Auction!

We need Wine, Cheese, and Desserts! Sign up today in the Bell Tower or see anyone on staff! 


💒 Acolyte Training Coming November 18th!

Ed Hoelker and Deacon Pat will be having a refresher and training on serving the altar on November 18th after the 10:30 Mass. Please plan to attend. We are hoping to have some new people interested in serving, and your valuable experience will be needed . Please talk this up and perhaps we can get even more servers!

🕯 Sponsor an Advent Candle This Year!

This year you can sponsor one of the four Advent candles that will adorn our beautiful Advent Wreath! You may make this an Honor or Memorial tribute, BUT there are ONLY FOUR so act fast! Each candle may be sponsored for all 4 weeks of Advent plus through Christmas Season for only $100 per intention!

✝️ This Advent Learn About The Mass with Monsignor Jim!

Prepare yourselves to be transformed through insights on this most privileged and intimate encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ as we walk through the Liturgy. See how Mass brings us out of the fallen world and into the heavenly realm, how it resonates with a call from God and a response from his people, the Church, and most importantly, how we are intimately joined with the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus through the Holy Eucharist! The Mass will help you understand how to fully, consciously, and actively participate in the source and summit of the Christian life. Join us as we learn about the Mass with Bishop Barron beginning Sunday, November 25th through Sunday December 16th 2018 at 12:15pm – 1:30pm in the Laurie Lending Library! Space is limited! Sign up in the Library today!

🎤 Sacred Singers and Franciscan Music Ensemble of Saint Miriam!

Do you enjoy singing and/or playing music in a loving and fun environment!? Join music director Charlie Masters, as we bring together both instrumentalists and vocalists of all ages and interests in a NEW Contemporary Music Ensemble. Specifically, the ensemble will share their ministry by performing together at one Sunday morning mass each season. Listening/part tracks are provided and rehearsals are conveniently scheduled. Again, all voices and instruments are encouraged to be a part of this exciting new music ministry. Please reach out to Charlie for additional details!

🙏🏼 Mass, Sanctuary Lamp, and Bread & Wine Sponsors Are Running Low!!!
Please make your Mass intentions and sponsor the Sanctuary Lamp for the year! Click Here to honor your loved ones during this coming year and support your parish!
⛵️ Join The Boys! Our Men’s Club Sets Sail!
Join the Men’s Club @ Saint Miriam! Every 2nd Saturday of the month! See Father John Francis!
💒 Morning Mass Changed Go Into Effect November 1st!
All of our Masses and Times will remain the SAME, but the Morning Mass at 10:30am will begin a new ‘focus’ weekly. First, The Morning Mass will feature the Mass of Glory again! Come and ‘feel’ the joy of celebrating the Mass again! Also, our Morning Mass at Saint Miriam, a sung liturgy will beginwith specific intentions as follows:


  • Baptism Sunday will now be 1st and 3rd Sundays, as needed!
  • Healing Mass with Anointing 2nd Sundays!
📿 Pray the Rosary and Adore Christ!
Join us to Pray the Rosary on Thursdays at 6:15pm or Sundays at 8:30am! Please hold quiet outside the Sanctuary during these times to allow people to pray. Also every Thursday the Blessed Sacrament is exposed for Adoration in the Sanctuary from 4:00pm until 7:00pm.
🕴🏻Help Us Get Ready early for the Annual Auction!
Plan to help The Women of Saint Miriam get a head start on the annual auction and concert by securing items to donate! Please contact Patricia Liguori at!

💼 Office Volunteer Needed! Please see any on staff if you can spare a few hours a week to greet our incoming children in the mornings, or help with office tasks in the afternoons!


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Upcoming Highlights!
( Visit our Parish Calendar Here for full weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules.)

Nov 4th:

  • Feast of All Saints and All Souls
  • The Women’s Group Group at 11:30am!

  Nov 6th:

  • Recovery, Inc. at 6:30pm

  Nov 7th:

  • AA General Services at 7:00pm

  Nov 7th:

  • Open Adoration at 4:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Rosary. at 6:15pm
  • Boy Scout Troop #320 at 7:00pm

  Nov 10th:

  • AA Sunrise at 8:30am!
  • The Men’s Group @ Saint Miriam at 10:00am!
Prayer Requests:
215-836-9800 x 712
Our Websites: 
Parishioner Info and Schedules:
215-836-9800 x 705

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