Trash by the Side of the Road. Waste and People, too.

As many of you know, Katelyn and I reside less than a quarter mile from the parish doors directly on Bethlehem Pike. This morning I awoke to find discarded trash littering the front of our home. As I picked it up, I could only imagine that someone took the curve of the road while throwing trash from their car last evening, as they made the curve and continued on southward with nary a notice of what they did, and certainly without a care of whose property they littered. Sadly, without a doubt, we live in an instant gratification, all-for-me, throwaway society. We could care less about God’s planet, climate change, litter, recycling, and yes, even people. All, in today’s modern me-centered-world, are expendable.

This is why our annual concert and silent auction this coming Friday, November 16th, is so important. It is not just our single largest fundraising event, but it sustains us, our mission, and exemplifies our radical welcome to everyone and simultaneously show the world that we are in it together! No matter what may come, no matter what the need, no matter who is unable or able, we sustain a parish like no other: Saint Miriam.

By our willingness to spend a few hours on a Friday evening, as we begin to turn toward Thanksgiving and all that we are grateful for,  once year together, we enjoy a wonderful musical concert and see donated items that rival many larger corporations! We bid on items, as we sip wine and enjoy cheese trays and desserts, all the while knowing that every penny earned goes to support a mission we can believe in. We know, beyond any doubt, that we believe all life is valuable. From the affluent to the struggling. From the model citizen to the ex-offender. From the addicted to the recovering. From the straight to the gay. From the wedded to the divorced. From the White to the Brown, and everyone in between.  This is who we welcome at our doors and to our altar. God asked us to welcome the foreigner among us. It is more than a request, it is a Gospel mandate.

And that is why we are who we are. This is why we believe what we believe. This is how we welcome the citizen, the patriot, the migrant and the immigrant. God said so, we believe it. It is that simple.

Join us this Friday and show the world that no human is trash. Together, by our attendance and participation, we will raise funds to continue the work of the holy church, where people and planet are cared for, prayed for, and cherished.

See you Friday!

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