We Are Better Than This…YOU are Better Than This!


Another Mass shooting, No, not that one where Jews were killed in Pittsburgh, but this time where college students, and a police officer about to retire, were slaughtered at a nightclub in California. Too, a caravan of dangerous and exotic aliens is about to invade the country, so the President sends armed troops to ‘do something’. Now, to be sure, exactly what they will do we are unsure of since the military cannot operate within the country’s borders, but none-the-less they are there; some almost 6,000 of them so far! The problem is this highly publicized scary caravan is mostly made of women and children trying to escape poverty and gang activity the likes you and I will never know. The rhetoric says they are thugs, gang members and even terrorists. Farthest from the truth, if the truth matter at all anymore, but the world is whipped into a frenzy and brother has turned against brother over it. We even had a parishioner leave the church over my stance to love and welcome first. I was there for her when she needed me, you were, too! We grieved with her and her family, loved them beyond measure, and opened our hearts to them and made them a home. The politicians were not, but none of that matters anymore because the aliens are coming! These humble, desperate, and poor people, traveling thousands of miles on foot while we won’t walk to the corner store are mere migrants, foreignersto be sure, but those we are mandated as Christians to love and welcome, not shoot if they pick up a stone!

And, how can we forget the latest political turmoil! An Attorney General fired, a campaign that caused people to hate one another and call one another names the likes we have never witnessed on the political landscape, or any other for that matter! A senior member of the White House press corps that upholds the best of the Constitution yanked of his press credentials because he dares stand up to the President, and the video to prove his culpability factory-made! Then at that very same a Press Conference, our President in no way represented the highest office, or the highest ideals of the land that he and others are elected by the people to do. Instead, we witnessed a gathering where African Americans and women were belittled and ridiculed by the one sworn to uphold and protect them. And let us not forget the letter bombs sent to those 14 ‘soft targets’ and a protest at a Fox News host’s home that went way too far. The reason: politics and hate and self-preservation.

No, this is not the greatest generation. This is not the greatest country on the face of the earth. This is not the mightiest or the best or anything wonderful when the least, and the loneliest, the most frightened, and the ones most in need of our love and protection are thrown into the sea of the political and hate-filled landscape like chum to sharks in a feeding frenzy. We are better than this,or at least we used to be.

And before you send me a nasty message about me weighing into politics, (Here is my email link if you wish to get ahead start!) I will once again remind you: my job as a Priest is to protect the issues that are affront to the Gospel that I follow, and the One who gave it to me. And my job as a Pastor is to admonish when I, or you, or the country, or anyone else, or the world is so wrong. I take my duties as sacrosanct. You better, too!

Yes, as a Catholic and a Christian, you should, too! You should be exhausted by the surge of division and the rhetoric that sows seeds of violence from those who know better. (No, not who should know better, but those who actually do!) You should be afraid of the tide of hatred, violence, suspicion and the lack of caring and outright hostility aimed at those of a different political party, or Jews, Muslims, Immigrants and Refugees, Blacks, Gays and Lesbians, and those seeking health care! And if you don’t see the error of where we are as a nation, then no matter what I post here will make any difference. But if you do, if you see the way we should be,and if you would stop being right long enough to be vulnerable and humble again, than you better get to work before it’s too late, and more lives are lost, and we, as a nation, are irretrievably lost.

 Look, we at saint Miriam, and I, as human being and even as a priest, don’t treat other people with dignity and respect and equality because of what we do. We don’t treat other people with dignity and respect and equality even because they deserve it or even because they have somehow earned it! We treat other people with dignity and respect and equality because we believe that allpeople deserve dignity and respect and equality. Period! No matter who they are, no matter what they believe, no matter the color of their skin, or the creed they observe, and most importantly, no matter how they even treat us. We treat them so because those are our Christian values. Those are the values of the One I – and you – should adore and worship and serve; me, as a priest, and you as someone who claims to be a Catholic.

We are better than this. I know, too, that YOU are better than this!  Well, at least we used to be, or maybe we just thought we were. Either way, today we must ask ourselves two vital and determinative questions: (1) Is this the nation we are, and (2) And is this – all the this that has come to be – compatible with the Christ we claim to follow. Think of that this Sunday as you nestle Him into the nave of your hand and pray for His peace. 

The Pentagon is calling the troops to the border, “Operation Faithful Patriot”.  We better begin to operate as faithful Christians, or what we lose will be far greater than any country and its people.

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    This is the best thing you’ve ever written! I agree with every word! Thank you for reminding us to keep our eye on the ball…Jesus! ~The Commissioner

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