An even more holy, Holy Week!

I waited to reflect before I sat down to write this week until I was at a place of calm. You see, for almost a year now, I have been dealing with medical tests, doctors, specialists and surgical biopsies. All the physicians concluded, based on medical testing, that I was going to have to deal with a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.

Therefore, for months now, I have been on edge, moody, and downright scared. After all, I am about to get married, try to have a long-dreamed of family, and build a life; now is not the time to deal with cancer. I did a lot of praying. I ‘preached’ at God many times about how much I gave up and how deeply I sacrificed. I yelled, screamed, begged and even cajoled. Then, one day a couple of weeks ago, in my exhaustion and admitted desperation after my surgical biopsy at the hospital. I sat quietly in our Sanctuary, praying before the Blessed Sacrament at Adoration and I suddenly realized…nothing that I have given up, or ever done, even comes close to what God gave to me. I also know that nothing that I will ever do will merit one ounce of what Jesus did for me; for us.

So, I sank deeply into the hardened wooden pew, and I asked God for one last thing, forgiveness. Forgiveness for being so arrogant as to even ask Him for anything. Forgiveness for doubting His love for me. Forgiveness for being so weak as to not believe that I am going to be okay, no matter what the diagnosis. Forgiveness for being well, me. The test results came back this past Tuesday afternoon: all 12 biopsies were negative. They did didn’t fully understand why. I did. And now I need to add one more forgiveness request: for not being thankful for I already have been blessed with. Maybe, that is a reason for us all to stop this coming Hoy Week and attend the Masses of the most intimate encounter we can have as Catholics with the Lord who gave us so much, even this parish.

We have endeavored to bring to you a special experience. Once that will begin with Palm Sunday, the official beginning of Holy Week, and this year we have scheduled a few amazing events to make your experience moving and memorable!

Palm Sunday: We will have live Donkeys for the 9:00am Family Mass with a dramatic and emotional version of the reading of the gospel that will leave you breathless!

Holy Thursday: will find a renewed commitment to both our historic liturgy, as well as to the rejected and marginalized by our using two new vessels for the Foot Washing: one is handmade and imported from Jerusalemand the other is handmade by a potter from Mexico

Good Friday: will stun us with a visually moving liturgy with a brand-new Veneration Cross and spectacular draping that will move you emotionally to connect with Our Lord!

Easter Vigil: is where we will include fewer readings, but welcome two new Christians with a moving Baptism and the beautiful Ancient Rite of Blessing of the Waters, plus a St Francis of Assisi Pascal Candle!

Easter Sunday: is when we will gather together at a 9:00am Mass where we will be greeted by one of the most visually dramatic displays we’ve ever contemplated to allow your souls to soar as we say, “He is Risen!” 

The Easter Triduum, which includes Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil, is – in reality – one long Mass with two dramatic pauses. It is a minor sacrifice to adapt your schedule to attend each, but it will make Easter all the more glorious. For me, I know it is something I must do, especially in light of all I have been given. How about you?

Your attendance may just be the beginning of a new and more fulfilling life.

Join us…at a place for everyone!!

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