Construction Begins On a Place We Call Home!

Well, construction begins this week!

Since we purchased our campus some five years ago, we have constantly strived to continue to improve our facilities for a better church, school and cemetery, and with this summer’s work we will remodel our Administration and School wings as well as build a new retainer wall for two new playgrounds, add beautiful new fences to both play areas, and our main parish building will get a brand new roof and gutters and the garage will be remodeled to match! We will finish it off with new tile in the entry to reduce carpet care expenses and put new carpet in the offices and two brand new classrooms for when our Saint Miriam School opens on September 4th!

Our project has us finishing in time for an August 14th“ Open House” for our school! We have been working hard on the planning for months for both the renovations and the new school, but rather than come to you for an added financial request, we have instead refinanced our loan to accomplish this work. However, we still need your help to make it easier on us to meet our obligations.

During Lent this year, I gave an update on all that we have accomplished and the wonderful ways we outreach to the world. I also gave an overview of the planned fall changes and upgrades, as well as two exciting new ways we will care for those who no one wishes to help. All of those plans are now coming to fruition. One of the most marvelous of things is that we can always count on our ability to lead the parish to new heights! Every promise I have ever made as your pastor has been kept, and every goal has been reached. We have much to be proud of and much more work to do! After all, ‘to whom much is given, much is required’!

There are many parishes who care little about outreach and mission work, still others that beat folks up about not giving enough, and many others who reject so many from their pews because of the socio-economic, sexuality or gender status. At Saint Miriam, we welcome everyone, and our strength and beauty are found in our wonderful diversity! That is something worth celebrating and something worth supporting.

We are excited about these projects and we hope you will join us by supporting us to get to our Annual Appeal goal! We are less than $700 dollars a month away from our eGiving goal. So, if you are not giving, please sign up for eGiving today. If you are giving, thank you, and please consider an increase to your gift giving, as even a modest amount will combined with others for great things, and if you use a debit or credit card, why not switch to checking or savings and save us the fees? You may also help us with a one-time gift to celebrate all that we are and all the ways we are truly your church!

This summer we will become even more of what Saint Miriam already is…this fall we will bring even more people to a place they can call home, too!



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