Focus in Brief: Our Weekly Announcements for June 18th 2017!

Focus in Brief:  Our Weekly Announcements for June 18th 2017!

Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ!

👨‍👧‍👦 Happy Father’s Day 2017!
The building of our new Friary Rectory has begun, we held an official ground breaking ceremony last Sunday, and this weekend we honor Father’s Day with hotdogs, baked beans, said, and other picnic foods! Come and join us as we give thanks for dad and all we enjoy as a parish this Sunday! Happy Father’s Day!

📲 Parish App Issues? Don’t Worry! 

We apologize for any issues you may have experienced with our parish app! It seems that another non-profit, also called Saint Miriam, but for homeless people also wished to have their own app and so we worked together (as Christians should!) and we changed our App name to Saint Miriam – Flourtown! Please delete and reload your App to take full advantage of the changes and to eliminate any loading issues! Off we GROW!

✝️ In Sorrow… 

We offer our sincerest condolences to Henry Miniscalco who lost his father, Henry G. Miniscalco, this past week. Monsignor Jim will be officiating at the funeral this Friday, June 16th, with internment at Holy Sepulchre. Please pray for the family as they mourn their loss.

🍹 Pucker Up, Baby…It’s Seersucker Time!

Pucker Up, Baby for The Blessing of the Seersucker this year! Our annual tradition continues! After the 10:30 am Mass on June 25th, (see announcement details below) all our parishioners will be led out of the church to welcome in summertime and this year everyone gets their choice of special southern drinks, too! There will be both alcohol and non-alcohol versions so have fun! (And our pastor, Monsignor Jim, will don on his finest Seersucker Suit, too!) Come and see! Join us on June 25th at 10:30 am! 

🏚 Our FIRST Scheduled Event in the New Friary Announced! 

We are excited to announce that a small group space will also be included as part of the new Friary Rectory, and the group below, Laudato Si, will be the FIRST such group to take place in the Rectory so sign up now as the space will be limited! Exciting times for our parish! Sign up below!
🎯 Help us Gain a High Net Score?!
Saint Miriam, in an effort to continue to grow and be of good service our community, has engaged with Net Promoter Score® to determine our overall experience. The process is quite simple: cards are handed out and/or a version is now available online (we have both) and scores are tallied and we end with a Net Promotor Score.  We will do this process for both the schools and the parish beginning this week! We will calculate our NPS using the answer to a key question, using a 0-10 pictographic scale based on one simple inquiry: How likely is it that you would recommend [brand] to a friend or colleague? It’s fast, simple, no name or other identifiers are used so complete it today before you leave Sunday Mass, or right here online!

🌏 Pope Francis’ Laudato Si Comes to Saint Miriam!

As the care for God’s earth and our environment have become politically charged issues of late, we decided that as a parish community, with a strong “Green Policy” and emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint, we should engage this issues together and see what insights God brings to us. Therefore, beginning this September, we would like to form a small group with a desire to read (or re-read) Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato Si, (Medieval Central Italian for “Praise be to you”) on the call of every Christian to care for God’s world. With so much information and conversation, often based on misinformation or hijacked fact, we felt this a great opportunity to engage, grow, and support one another in developing our human role to be co-creators with God and within creation. We will provide the books, you provide the willingness to grow! Contact us today and we will begin our journey this fall with respectful sharing, dialogue, and growth! We will also be bringing in many elements to honor this group and discussion including Altar Candles, Paschal Candle, Saint Miriam Water Bottles, and much more! This will be a very exciting group to be part of!
📰 Social Media Construction Updates Coming!
Saint Miriam will begin to post construction updates weekly on our social media venues to keep everyone posted on progress, closures, door changes, etc. Please keep up with us and stay safe as we build a new Rectory! Please also consider helping us by making a donation toward this project and in return you will receive a miniature St Francis Statue!
👨‍🏫 We Need Teachers!
Please think about volunteering to help us this fall with PREP/CCD? We need two teachers or assistants to help us as our classes are growing! Please see Sean Hall or Father John today! Don’t let us, the kids, or God down…if you feel he call…help us make this next year fun and exciting for our children! 

⛪ Weekday Confessions Come to Saint Miriam!

We have begun to offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confessions, every weekday Monday – Friday from 11:30am until 12:05pm! We also now have a privacy screen available for those who wish to go into a confessional setting! Catch a break and be made whole again during your lunch break!  Then, starting in the fall, we will also add a mid-day Mass every weekday at 12:15pm! Join us as we grow for you!
🌞 Blessing of the Seersucker Returns on June 25th!

Join Saint Miriam as we continue an annual and ‘fun’ tradition on Sunday, June 25th. After the 10:30 Morning Mass, parishioners will be led out of the church and into the front garden for a service called, “Blessing of the Seersucker”! This brief service, with a uniquely Southern take on the “kirking” or blessing of the tartans, celebrated by Monsignor Jim’s former parish in Washington DC has made its way to Saint Miriam for some eight eight years now! While tartans may represent ancestral links with Britain, Saint Miriam makes seersucker representative its own clan, especially those who struggle through a hot summer! Help us welcome in summer, thank God for all we have, and for good weather and wonderful vacations by joining us on June 25th and enjoy a souther drink on the lawn with us, too! The first 12 folks who enter wearing something seersucker also take home a special gift so arrive early!

📅 Ministry Team Schedules for July Are Ready, too! 
We are pleased to have posted our Ministry Team Schedules for June and Kate is now working on July’s Schedule with Monsignor Jim. Please contact her for any date conflicts like vacations, etc., or choose a date you’d like to serve! Kate’s email is! Thank you for your service to God and the parish!
🏗 Rectory Construction Has Begun!
The construction has begun and they are making great progress, so watch as building demands and changes to entry and parking, as  we build our new Friary Rectory! Please give to this effort by Clicking Here, and receive your miniature bronze statue of St. Francis Joliet! Then, watch for the construction to begin as we become even better!
🚧 Rectory Construction Changes!
Our construction will be occurring from June – September and will cause us to lose the main Admin/School walkway for much of that time. Please watch signs and postings and also note that the Upper Road will be closed, too, when construction vehicles need to use the ‘construction staffing area’ to bring materials and lift them to the second level. As they say, please pardon our dust and any inconvenience as we build a new home!
🔔 New Bell Ways Found and Now You Can Help Ring Our Bell!
During our recent renovation to the Bell Tower we discovered we have not one, but two ways to ring our historic bell! So, we are seeking a few bell ringers to help during Sunday Masses! Each of our Masses requires that the bells in our Bell Tower ring out at 30 minutes before, 15 minutes before, and at the start of Mass, and we need some extra ringers! Care to help? Contact us by Clicking Hereor see anyone on staff today! 

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