Focus in Brief: Our Weekly Announcements for May 21st 2017!

Focus in Brief:  Our Weekly Announcements for May 21st 2017!
 Congratulations Ella Mae Montgomery, Henry George Miniscalco, and Harper Agondezzi on the Occasion of your Baptism!

🎖Cemetery Ribbons for Memorial Day!

This year, join us on  Sunday, May 28th after the 10:30am Mass, when we will once again honor the fallen within our beautiful historic cemetery with donated and sponsored ribbons! Your ribbon will be tied by our PREP children to our new cemetery gates prior to the ceremony on May 28th following the 10:30am Mass. Suggested donation is only $10 or 3 for $20. (*Only 1 name per ribbon please!) We will honor their sacrifice by following a bag piper out of Mass that day and pray at the gates of cemetery, followed by taps of a bugler. Our own parish Historian, Robert Pardi, will once again shoot a volley and be in full historic uniform! A great opportunity to teach your children about the sacrifice of others! You don’t want to miss this one! Last year it was one of the most moving tributes we honored! You may complete a form after any Mass or join us by Clicking Here!
💒 Why I Give….
As we close our our annual Stewardship Appeal later next week, we will include some of the wonderful reasons folks support the mission of Saint Miriam! Here is one from this past week and you can, too, help us by Clicking Here
“Saint Miriam is such a loving,welcoming and accepting church and the people have become a blessing in my life. I finally have found my Church Family here at Saint Miriam .”
 – Pat L.



🏕 Summer Camp Begins June 12th!

Unlike many of the mega camps, we offer personalized attention for every child with low camper to staff ratios. We cater to preschool aged children and older – and welcome friends and siblings regardless of membership at our school or church.  Learn more 
here, the fun begins June 12th!
🙏🏼 Why Not Pray with Us?
As we grow as a community, we need more support and one way is to join us in praying for the needs of the parish, our community, your friends, family, and the world, too! Join our prayer list at and also send your needs to us, too, so we might pray for you!

👨‍🏫 From Shaun to Sean!

Shaun Little has served at Director of Religious Education (DOE) for almost 7 years now and has brought our program to a new platform. He also helped us to lead our schools, including Zion Preschool at Saint Miriam, until we reorganized with our new school directors this past spring. But, as with all of us, the time has come for him to step back from his role as DOE. While you will still see him around the parish, we are pleased for his life of service and success and thank him earnestly for all he has selflessly done for our educational programming. So, please welcome Sean Hall as our new DOE for the coming year! The transition  from Shaun to Sean will not impact the ‘aural’ version of the Director, but we are revamping much of the program. Stay tuned and welcome in a renewed PREP/CCD program this fall!

📚 Father John to Lead Youth and Education!

Please welcome Father John Connors as he received his first appointment from Mo sign this past week! He will be in charge of leading and growing our youth, education, and teen programs at Saint Miriam! Father will work closely with our new DOE to help ensure a successful program! Any suggestions, please see either Father John or Sean Hall!

🎨 Bell Tower Gets It Coat of Paint, too!

Please welcome our own John Shoemaker back as he completes the exterior painting project from last year, but the highest point – our Bell Tower! The exterior louvers need a coat of paint to preserve them, and match the new trim and John will be 40′ high so watch your step and pray for the safety of all of our construction workers and volunteers!
🏗 Rectory Construction to Begin June 5th!
Our Building Permits have arrived! Plans that were submitted to the Township have been approved, the bank is approved, the builder is ready! Soon…construction will begin on our new Friary Rectory! Please give to this effort by Clicking Here, and receive your miniature bronze statue of St. Francis Joliet! Then, watch for the construction to begin as we become even better!
🚧 Rectory Construction to Mandate a Few Changes!
Our construction will be occurring from June – September and will cause us to lose the main Admin/School walkway for much of that time. Please watch signs and postings and also note that the Upper Road will be closed, too, when construction vehicles need to use the ‘construction staffing area’ to bring materials and lift them to the second level. As they say, please pardon our dust and any inconvenience as we build a new home!
🚘 Our Garage gets a Make Over!
Our Maintenance Garage has received a make over this week! New electrical wiring, secure gutters, paint, and now a garage door and brand new opener have all been added! Please watch us as we use our fund wisely to enhance our productivity, reduce our costs, and continue to make Saint Miriam, Saint Miriam Academy, and Union Cemetery at Saint Miriam vital and beautiful!

🐒 Going to the Zoo!

Our school children, parents, and educators will be off for their annual field trip to the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown omniscience’s Thursday, May 25th! All classes are taking place at the zoo and the children will not be in the school omniscience’s this day. Just one more way we are making an exciting school even better! Have fun!

🇺🇸 Holiday Office and School Closings:

Please note that the parish offices and school will be closed for  Memorial Day holiday on both Friday, May 26th and Monday May 29th! Our Mass schedule for Sunday will remain the same! Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

👝 Weekday Confessions During Lunch at Saint Miriam!

We will officially welcomed our new Associate Pastor, Father John Connors, last week and he has already begun to make an impact! Now, with the added help, we will begin to offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confessions, every weekday Monday – Friday from 11:30am until 12:05pm! Catch a break and be made whole again during your lunch break!  Then, starting in the fall, we will also add a mid-day Mass every weekday at 12:15pm! Join us as we grow for you!
🔔 Help Ring Our Bells!
We are seeking a few bell ringers to help during Sunday Masses! Each of our Masses requires that the bells in our Bell Tower ring out at 30 minutes before, 15 minutes before, and at the start of Mass, and we need some extra ringers! Care to help? Contact us by Clicking Here or see anyone on staff today! 
📸 A Photo Directory!
Saint Miriam Parish is growing and we want to make sure that we know and stay in touch with our parishioners. So, we are working on updating our parish database called ParishSoft to ensure that we have the necessary information for each of you.  The updated database will be helpful to our priests in the event of a pastoral emergency it will give them access to your contact information. And, with your approval only, we can create a directory that will include your photo, but not your personal information. Therefore, we are requesting that each of parishioner send a photo (you and your family members; photos of your children are optional.) We would also like you to include the following information for each member of your family:



Home Number:

Cell Number:

Emergency Number:

Birth Date:

Directory Approval Yes or No:
Please send to name your file(s) lastname_firstname.jpg on each photo. Example: cuffey_lorraine.jpg and cuffey_guy.jpg) Also, if you cannot send a photo please contact Lorraine Cuffey to schedule a time on a Sunday to have your photo taken at church. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Lorraine at
👩‍🍳 A Saint Miriam Cookbook!
We are excited to announce that the Women of Saint Miriam are publishing a cookbook as their Fall Fundraiser. From now until September 17th we are looking for your recipe(s) to be a part of this true community project! The cookbooks will be sold in the Café, and Online… and will be available on a Cookbook website too… and your name with your recipe can be included! Learn more Here and even watch a video, too!
👷🏼 Tour and Final Reception for Rectory Announced!
We are preparing for a new Rectory! Some have stepped up and given and received a miniature St Francis Joliet Statue. So, to entice you further to support this vital project, we are offering construction tours and a final reception before it is opened to the public for those who donate ahead of construction! By making your donation to the Rectory Fund today, you will also be invited to a ‘Hard Hat Tour” during mid-construction, and then enjoy a private cocktail reception in the rectory! Join us by Clicking Here!

⧛⧛⧛Fence Help Needed 1st Week of June!

Our cemetery needs a fence installed around two sections and we can save more than 50% the cost, but need several volunteers to help us. We will rent a post-hole digger to make the job easier, too, but you can help if you volunteer today! Email Monsignor Jim and let him know you can assist by Clicking Here! The final permits should be ready at the township by November 26th! Please…help us by volunteering today!

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