Franciscan Moments

Our Weekly Devotional from

Saint Miriam!

Franciscan Moments @ Saint Miriam: January 12, 2015

Our Franciscan spirituality is communal, emphasizing the “we” over the “I.”  We always remind one another that in our parish, and in our work in the world, we must always focus on ‘the other’ – all the others around us. This is not an easy task, but we are called to care for each other in a way that world has forgotten. While each human is a separate and distinct, each grows and flourishes within community. Franciscan spirituality is based on this recognition of the ‘whole community’ and has the calming insight that we can choose our friends, but never our brothers and sisters! In the larger context, Franciscan spirituality and thought is always lived out in a manner that renders all people as ‘chosen’ in the eyes of God, created in God’s image, and thereby replaces class warfare with class cooperation, respect, and love. Franciscans always care for others.

Franciscan spirituality, then, is lesser, humble, and poor. Hence why we are Friars Minor! It acknowledges that all is a gift from the God that we adore, including our talents, our finances, and our unique abilities. Since Franciscans recognize that they truly never own nothing, they wear greatness well and so are  true and faithful stewards of God’s creation.

Franciscan spirituality is also very practical; not fasting beyond what the Church requires, or overeating of what is set before one, preaching without words, and feeding those who are hungry, caring for those hurting, or in grief. Simply being with the others we meet.
This week, take a few moments and reflect on the ideals of our shared Franciscan heritage. Seek to find your place in the application, “If we are not lesser than those we care for, than we cannot ever truly be ministers of those in need.” 
How will you be of service this week? Will you set aside your own needs to serve others and thereby become richer for the effort?