Many Hands Really Do Make Lighter Work!

Last Sunday Sarah, Lou, and Tom made 102 Blessing Bags with the help of a few extra hands from every Mass! This week, Kevin McGee cut the grass for the entire cemetery property and Charlie helped re-route our Wi-Fi and IT mess! Alan, Deacon Pat, Kirk, and Sean joined Katelyn and me in spending over three days clearing old junk, clearing closets, and moving furniture to get ready for the construction now underway for our new school and administration areas. Lorraine and Donna and Pat Wilcke helped organize the office, pack files and make room for the new school and administration areas. Chester also spent time training a summer volunteer, Jakob, on grass and lawn care. This week, too, Sylvia and Pat Liguori joined Katelyn in getting the classrooms ready for fall, and the Boy Scouts will soon paint sign poles after they have completed the planting of flowers along our property edge. And, a cadre of volunteers stand ready to help us pull everything together by early August, as construction will come to a close and a new era of our school will be ready this fall to welcome new families to a wonderful educational opportunity! These volunteer hands have saved Saint Miriam this week alone over $3,800 in what would have been hired help and outside contractors. We are better for having them as part of our life and because of their willingness to give of their time and effort, we are stronger financially, too.

That is how a community is supposed to come together. We are to bear one another’s burdens and raise up one another in times of sorrow. We are to give to support God’s work here and make the lives of others better. We are to be the Church, and do good, even when the world thinks only of itself. We are better for being together than we ever could by being apart.

Today, as I wrote my blog, we released our newest ad. The words are simple, but so profoundly true. It reads:

Every promise. Ever made. Has come true. Get ready for yet another! From the foundation of our Parish some 11 years ago we have made promises every step along the way – ones that better our community and help make the world better, too – and we are proud that every single promise has been kept.  Now, get ready for Saint Miriam School! Another promise kept.

That’s right! Every single promise we have ever made, no matter how tough the road, no matter how thin our finances or how daunting the task, we did it – together. I have led us through times of difficulty and together we have met every goal of promise. We have much too be proud of!

Now, I am asking that we compete the Stewardship Appeal as a family – together.  We are now only $500 a month to our goal. That’s it, only $500 a month away. BUT, we will only get there if every person gives something.

Together, we are better because we know and have witnessed that many hands make light work of every great effort.


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