Moonlight Memoirs.

“Two mice — one black and one white, 
Follow each other on a cold, lonely night. 
What are they up to? 
Where are they going? 
They hurry through shadows 
Under the moon’s silent glowing.”

So begins the delightful children’s book, Moonlight Memoirs, described by the publisher as “an enchanting, award-winning tale about the everlasting love of family and friends.” It certainly is all that.

This book has been featured on Lifetime Television Network, Moonlight Memoirs – Remembering that Family and Friends are Forever, and is an award-winning picture book written by teen author Maggie Mei Lewis and illustrated by Melody Lea Lamb. It is an exquisitely illustrated story about two curious mice who venture into a moonlit winter’s night. Their outing becomes a life-changing event when they meet an old mouse who beckons them to follow. This mouse – along with several other animal friends – teaches the two mice a comforting lesson about love’s eternal nature. This beautifully written story offers comfort, hope, and everlasting love to individuals of all ages who are reaching for a shining light in the darkness of grief.

I have been touched by the darkness of grief this year: a grief so deep that at times, even still, I can barely catch my breath. So have several other families of those we have loved, grieved, and buried as a parish. Now we prepare for another, one that cuts deeply, but one that we must remain vigilant in hope and trust in God.

“Our past, our present, our future– 
Each birth, each life, and each death– 
In the stars, the story of life is kept…Like light from the stars, We’re here and we’re there. We watch those we love…With such tender care.”

Tonight, if weather permits, look up to the sky and find peace. Pray for the sick, the injured, the dying, and the dead. Pray for Monsignor Joe. Pray for all those you love. Tomorrow, go online to or make a visit to your local library or bookstore and get your own copy of Moonlight Memoirs. It’s magical thinking at its most poignant. It will help you, as it helped me, to find peace and growth even in despair.

“So, whenever you feel alone or in doubt — 
Never fear. 
Simply believe, know that your loved ones are always ever near.”