Promises Kept.

Saint Miriam demonstrates and develops faith each week through prayer, worship, adoration, presence, teaching, witness, and service. Through its ministries, Saint Miriam assists the poor, those experiencing homelessness, visits the sick, supports people in times of trial, teaches our children, protects the vulnerable, worships a loving God, and addresses needs locally, nationally and internationally. And, each year, clergy, church staff, board and members make a financial pledge so that Saint Miriam may continue its vitally needed mission. There are no other churches like ours; we are singularly impacting the way people are accepted and loved. We are needed; so are you. In the end, it is about promises kept. We have kept every promise and we continue to strive to do more and be more and love more, but to do so, we need you to keep your promise, too.

I am writing today to warmly inspire and invite you to be a part of continuing Saint Miriam mission as well as experience the benefits of the spiritual discipline of making a financial commitment. Let’s be honest. Finances can be a difficult subject, and our attitudes about money can be peculiar and the result of years of being misled or scorned from a pulpit. Money can provoke anxiety in people of every tax bracket and take away peace of mind. But I have learned that God wants us to have peace of mind and wants us to know the spiritual joy of being generous. That is why we have never provoked fear or scorned those who cannot give but have always tried to gently nudge everyone to consider the gifts they give and the ones they receive, too, by being a member of Saint Miriam. And, I give – and so does every priest, deacon, and lay minister. We give, you give, and together…we give back to a world that needs us!

Saint Miriam, and its parishioners, are recipients of God’s grace, as well as the many “Generations of Generosity” that have kept us going for over 11 years, and as a Church community, one of our goals is to more fully become the generous people and church that God created us to be. 
This summer we will once again be “under construction” with some amazing projects to enhance our school, forge new ministries, and prepare for the fall which will encompass a major new outreach! We are growing, because our focus has always been and will always remain on the heart of Jesus!
As you consider and prepare your pledge, please keep in mind that we continue to rely entirely on voluntary pledges to make up nearly 94% of our revenues every year. Saint Miriam does not receive any money from either the greater Church or from our School, and in fact, we support the mission of our school and its children as we know that God wants us to care for those who will one day lead us into a new future! So, in order to support its mission, everyone’s help is needed, big and small!

If you’ve never pledged before, please pledge now; and if you have pledged before, please consider increasing your pledge this year so that we can expand our mission and serve more of those in need. And, most importantly, please – please – give electronically for consistent giving that helps us ease our budget concerns and allows our priests, myself included, to do more ministry and less administrative tasks to bring us into the next decade, together!

This week, on the 19th of May, I will celebrate my anniversary of being ordained a priest in Christ’s Church. I have spent over 11 years of that time with you. I have enjoyed being your pastor and pray that I will be able to remain for years to come, but I also need your help, and your generosity, so we can achieve that goal.

I am not sure what the world will look like in ten years. I do know it would be a much sadder place without Saint Miriam.

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