Pumpkins, Change, and Us!

Well, the pumpkins have arrived, and the garden is overturned. Today, Father Frank and Brother Sean and I got all the final ghostly touches done and put up the Pumpkin Tree, too! The Pumpkin Patch is officially open!  The kids are also all back at school and folks are returning to a rhythm in their routine as their weeks quickly head toward cooler weather. Fall is my favorite time of year for many reasons; a time when the trees show us how magnificent they can really be even in the midst of what looks like an emptying. Emptying only to be filled again in the Spring following the quiet, empty stillness of a winter.

I love the smell of burning leaves or a good fire in a stone fireplace, the taste of apple cider, warmth of pumpkin coffee, and the sound of a neat pile of leaves dispersed by a sudden and raging wind. I enjoy walking outside with hoodies and hot chocolate and watching all the beautiful colors that are present and I love the rustling sound as the leaves swish and crunch under my feet as I walk along a path. The Fall is always filled with keen sounds, smells and memories. Yes, I love the autumn and this year, I have another added bonus as I take on a wedding, too!

Those changing and colorful leaves had to learn to let go; it was time to release from the tree that held its life for the season, but time had passed, and change was needed. It is a reminder to me that I have to do the same, too. Change is never particularly easy for some, but I embrace it because I know good things are coming. I know all about the importance of change in my life, and I know that it is the only way that we grow, but sometimes I hate giving up all the leaves of my life.  I’m comfortable with what I have now, but I need to learn to rust Something greater. I need to let Him embrace ne and tell me when it is time to let go. To change. To become something new. 

I don’t know if I’ll get another chance to enjoy what is all around me right now, in this present moment, but I know that I should inhale deeply, love profoundly, and laugh loudly because change is coming. Change is always coming.

I want to be brave in my season of change. I want to be bold enough to say, “Bring It On! I’m ready”,  but I am not always that strong.  Sometimes, deep down, I wish things could stay the same. The leaves could just hang in place and remain a deep hue of green until it is spring again. Why do they, and so much of the things I love – outside and inside of me – have to fall and die and leave the tree so bare and so alone; so vulnerable?

Perhaps it is God’s way of changing something in me that needs changed?

 I wish you, in my absence, God’s peace as change comes and we become renewed.


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