The Weekly Focus for February 1st 2015

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Join us in Prayer….

Linda, John, Joan, Lee, Celine, Andrea, Ruth, Glenn, Sean, Lorraine Guy, Chris, Maureen, Chester, Donna, Lucille, Bonnie, and Gabriel, Susan, Louise, Dee, Jim, Art, Shirley, Dorothy, Joe, Elizabeth, Geraldine, Bryan


Saint Miriam Life & News!

Today we Honor St. Blaise Day & The Blessing of Throats! The annual St. Blaise Blessing of Throats and protection from all illness will take place today at all Masses! Join us and be (get) blessed!
Funeral Mass for Virgina Hoelker:  It is with sadness that we gather to support Ed Hoelker in the loss of his wife, Virginia. Visiting will be at the Moore, Snear, & Ruggiero Funeral Home located at 19 East Germantown Pike, East Norriton, PA  19401 on Sunday, February 1st from 2 to 4pm and at the parish on Monday, February 2nd from 10:00am until the time of the Funeral Mass at 11:00am. Please join us in our care and support of Ed and his family.
A Lenten Retreat! A new Lenten Retreat will take place at the parish on Saturday, February 21st from 9:00am to 3:00pm and will include a wonderful fresh warm lunch! RSVP required to plan for food so please RSVP today to! The cost is only $20! Register Today!
Cafe’ Gift Cards Now Available!: Visit the Saint Miriam Cafe’ today and get one of our brand new gift cards! These cards are heavy-duty, customized plastic and have the logo of our new Cafe’ and can be purchased in any amount and even reloaded! Make a great gift and is easier to use every week than cash! Get Cafe-ing!
What’s New in the Cafe’?:  Tassimo Italian Lattes with a FREE Demitasse Rock Candy Sticks! These small unwrapped natural demitasse rock candy sticks are an old time classic. Delicious to munch on by themselves, or delightful to stir into hot beverages such as cappuccino, latte, tea, and even regular ol’ coffee. These sticks are approximately 4 3/4” in length of delicious rock candy! Get yours this weekend!
Why Our Children Give, too?!: We would like to thank everyone who has been using their children’s envelopes, as we believe that it teaches the children a very valuable lesson that we all are called to be stewards. To streamline the collection of these envelopes, and to make it a bigger deal for the kids, the envelopes will be collected during the children’s homily by whomever is giving the homily. This began last Sunday. Please remember, this does not need to be a large sum of money (a quarter, fifty cents or a dollar is fine). The point is to help the children understand that we all have a responsibility to care for what God has given us. 
Girl Scouts Are Sweet!:  We have many scouts within our parish and we allow them to offer their annual cookies during fellowship time. Please see any of our wonderful scouts and support them in their goals.
Our New App is a Hit! The Saint Miriam App is here! Download for iOS/Apple for iPhone and iPad or Android by
New Weekly Devotional and Calendar Links: Our new Saint Miriam App received a new devotional, Franciscan Moments @ Saint Miriam! They will go out every Monday! Also, in the revised Focus @ Saint Miriam eNewsletter, we added a recognizable icon and a link to the Parish Master Calendar! Watch for more improvements!
What’s the “V” for?: The new addition to our Hymn board will make it easier for you to know which verse of the Alleluia we will be using for the particular Sunday you are attending! The Alleluia currently being used has 4 verses and we alternate every week, which has caused a bit of confusion for folks. So, now the v.1 (etc.) will indicate the verse we will sing together! So, belt it out and
proclaim the Gospel of Christ!
Women and a GREAT V-Day Basket! Here it is! The Valentine’s Day Basket Raffle! Get your tickets!
Stroudsmoor Inn Overnight ‘Suite” Stay with Romantic Dinner and Breakfast Included!
8″ Android Tablet w/Google Play & Tech Support
Crystal Heart Frame
Elegant Serving Tray
Handcrafted Shawl
Saint Miriam Relaxation CD
Set of 5 Massage Oils
Heart Journal
Gifts of Beauty
Lenox Heart Ornament
& A bottle of Red & A bottle of White
The Basket value is over $800!!! Raffle tickets will be on sale for $10 and 3 for $25. Don’t miss out, purchase your tickets in The Cafe and also through friends of Saint Miriam.

Lenten Suppers: Our annual Lenten Suppers will begin with the Thursday after Ash Wednesday following the Station of the Cross. Please see the sign up form located in the Fellowship Hall to offer your gift of soup, salad, bread, or a simple dessert! Join us and journey through the Thursdays of Lent!
New Mass Schedule: A new Mass schedule is in your pew pockets and you are welcome to read and/or take a copy home! Beginning February 22nd we will have three Sunday Masses at 9:00am, 10:30am, and 5:00pm! Learn more here.
Lenten Devotion Book: A new devotional guide for Lent will be made available again this year. It comes in two formats (eBook and Print) Please let Deacon Pat know if you would like one, and which format you would perfer. Email her at!
The Scrutinies of Lent Return! These very special rites are celebrated on the middle three Sundays of Lent, at liturgies where the Elect are present. This time can be wonderful to reflect upon the journey these Elect are making during Lent, as an inspiration and source of renewal for us in our journey. These are ancient rites and they may, at first, seem strange to us.  But they are profoundly rooted in our human experience.  We need to examine (scrutinize) how we are, the areas of our lives where we are tempted, or seriously sin – in what we do and what we fail to do.  We really need healing and the strength that can come from the support of our sisters and brothers. Please make every effort to be with the parish at the 10:30am Mass on March 8, 15, and 22. Please invite parents, sponsors, and Godparents, as applicable.


Saint Miriam Cafe’ Menu for February!


February 1st

Biscuit Cheese Omelette Sandwich – $1.50

Tuna Salad & Crackers- $1.50

Loaded Potato Soup – $2.00

Variety of Pastries & Cookies


February 8th

Biscuit, Cheese & Egg Breakfast Cups (Sausage – Bacon – Veggie) – $1.00

Chicken Stew & Biscuit – $2.50

Variety of Pastries & Cookies


February 15th

Bacon Egg & Cheese Muffin – $2.00

Grilled Cheese – $1.00

Tomato Basil Soup – $2.00

Variety of Pastries & Cookies


February 22nd

Spinach Egg & Cheese Strata – $2.00

Turkey Gumbo Soup- $2.00

Variety of Pastries & Cookies



Upcoming Events!

(Visit our Parish Calendar Here and below is a Quick Recap of Upcoming Events!)


Today –Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

 – The Blessing of Throats for St. Blaise – all Masses!
Feb 5th – Mid-Week Mass at 6:00pm- Rosary Devotional at 6:30pm 
Feb 7th – Saint Miriam Men’s Spirituality Group at 11:00am  
Feb 8th – Ordination of Deacon Anthony Green
Feb 10th – The Women of Saint Miriam at 7:00pm
Feb 12th – Mid-Week Mass at 6:00pm- Rosary Devotional at 6:30pm 
Feb 18th – Ash Wednesday at 12:15pm and 6:30pm