The Weekly Focus for June 14th 2015


From our Pastor:

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Join us in Prayer….

Joan, Ricky and Family, Kathleen Duncan and the repose of her mother, Trudy Duncan. Marie, The Pardi Family, Gene, Cindy, John and their family, Larry, Robert, Cindy, Father Bryan, Maria, Carol, Pat, Holly, Louise, Anthony, Dylan, Cindy, Vivian, Joseph, Dee.

Saint Miriam Life & News!

Today we … honor The Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time and the annual Blessing of the Seersucker!
We’re Moving! (Well, at least we will be! ) Thank you to all who attended this Sunday’s launch of our most exciting capital campaign ever! Saint Miriam is building a brand new church! Join us on our journey by Clicking Here and downloading the brochure, take a look at the drawings and architectural renderings and site plans, watch a video and much more! Saint Miriam…here we grow again! Don’t miss you opportunity to be part of the future and leave your legacy!


Put Your Kids Through College! For Part #1 – Annual Financial Planning Seminar, after the 10:30am Mass with Michael Conk. The topic for this first featured speaker will be Financial Planning and Paying for College ! And then our Part #2 is on Social Security/Medicare, and Retirement Planning 101 on October 25th! Click Here to download a flyer today!

Buy Some Art, Build a Church! The Art Wall has expanded! Just take a look at all the artwork that our pastor donated to help us build the next church! He sold his home to help us build…let us support the effort in all ways! Buy some art today!

Thanks, Chef, and Team, too! A big thank you to Lorraine, Big Joe, Donna and their entire team in the Saint Miriam Cafe’ for a wonderful food event following the announcement of a new church! Thank you for all the great food and dedication!

Welcome Bishop Ken Denski! Bishop Ken was with us for a while back a couple years go, but needed to care for some family responsibilities. He has since requested to return and wd are excited to welcome him back home!  Bishop Ken is the only son of Leon & Stella (Sikora) Denski and was raised in Philadelphia, PA and studied at St. Charles Seminary, being ordained a Deacon in 1987.  He was ordained a priest by the Old Catholic Church in 1998 and has served the geriatric population in the Philadelphia / Bucks county region ever since.  Upon recommendation, he was consecrated Bishop, in Apostolic Succession, on January 22, 2005. He is married and resides in Bucks county, PA with his wife, Angela.  He is the proud grandfather of nine grandchildren.

Soup’s On in Summer! Calling all chefs! Cold soups wanted! Everyone loves soup, even in the summer! Saint Miriam is having its first Summer Soup Contest !! Every Sunday from June 7th through August 30th, we will feature a cold “Soup of the Week” On Sunday, September 27th, we will distribute ballots to vote for the best summer soup; the person with the most votes wins bragging rights and a special prize. The winner will be announced on Sunday, October 4th! Hurry and choose which Sunday you would like to bring your best cold soup! Please contact Lorraine Cuffey at 215-429-1055 or email her at to sign up!

Download Our App and Stay In Touch this Summer! Our Saint Miriam Parish App was recently updated and features faster download times, and a ‘refresh’ button for the newest content! Download the App by Clicking Here, and be sure to tell your friends as it is a great outreach tool!
Search, Smile and Make a Difference!  Please support Saint Miriam by downloading and using GoodSearch and GoodShop! Our current total raised is $792.59! Every time you search or buy, we get a small percentage and you get great deals, and often free shipping! Also use Smile Amazon and make us your charity of  choice! It all adds up!
Memorial Service Planned.  A Memorial Mass will be offered for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Trudy Duncan on Saturday, August 8th 2015 at 10:00am. We offer our care and support to her family.
It’s Time Again!  New Ministry Team schedules are posted. Please view them when released at our internal website by Clicking Here.

Saint Miriam Cafe’ Menu!


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June Table Menus



Upcoming Event Highlights!


(Visit our Parish Calendar Here and below is a quick look at Upcoming Events!)

June 21st – Baptisms at 10:30am Mass and Father’s Day!
June 27th – The Wedding Mass of Mary Brownlow and Joel Covar at 4:00pm.
June 28th – Part 1 – Annual Financial Planning Seminar, after the 10:30am Mass.
July 19th – Baptism of Connor Logan at the 10:30am Mass.
Aug 23rd – The Feast Day of Bernard of Clairvaux and PreCana/Marriage PREP Day!