The Weekly Focus for May 31st 2015


From our Pastor:

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Join us in Prayer….

Elaine, Col. Vance, Jim, Repose of Monsignor Joe, Mother Dorothy and family, Rob, Father Joseph and his family, Repose of Sal Ciccone, Larry, Robert, Cindy, Father Bryan, Maria, Carol, Trudy, Kathleen, Pat, Holly, Louise, Anthony, Dylan, Cindy, Father Bryan, Vivian, Joseph, Dee, Ruth, Andrea, Lorraine, Guy, Maureen and Chris, Peggy, Tom and Ava Rose.

Saint Miriam Life & News!

Today we … honor the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity!
The Signs Are Up: June 14th One Mass Only!  Please watch for upcoming announcements, but plan ahead now: on Sunday, June 14th 2015 there will be only one Mass for a very special reason! Plan to join us at 10:30am!

Put Your Kids Through College! For Part #1 – Annual Financial Planning Seminar, after the 10:30am Mass with Michael Conk. The topic for this first featured speaker will be Financial Planning and Paying for College ! And then our Part #2 is on Social Security/Medicare, and Retirement Planning 101 on October 25th! Click Here to download a flyer today!
No Laughing Matter, but…! Two men were stranded on a desert island. One man kept pacing back in forth in dreadful worry. He finally looked at the other sitting so calmly by a tree gazing at the water and asked, “Aren’t you the slightest bit worried? Aren’t you afraid we are going to die here?!” “No.” said the second man, “I make a $1,000 a week faithful tithe to my parish and I never miss! So, my pastor will find me!”
So…Please Help YOUR Parish?  Every year we, like many churches during the summertime, expect and try to plan for what has become known as ‘the summer slump’ – AND it is here already! Did you know that July and August offerings typically fall by 40% or more! Yes, we are already experiencing it at Saint Miriam! Ask Yourself: Could I manage to make ends meet if your income were suddenly cut by 40%-50%, then please sign up today to support us electronically before the summer slow down begins! Please show your love of the parish and support of those who have to keep us here in your absence! Click Here to begin today!
Masses and Memorials Needed. Please remember to give the gift of a memorial or honor intention with our Mass Intentions today. Please Click Here and honor someone you love today.

Pucker Up, Baby for The Blessing of the Seersucker! Our annual tradition continues! After the 10:30am Mass on June 14th, all our parishioners will be led out of the church and into the Saint Miriam Bell Garden for a Blessing of the Seersucker to welcome in summertime! This brief service is a uniquely Southern take on the “kirking” or blessing of the tartans, celebrated by Washington National Cathedral, All Soul’s Parish (our pastors former home!), and others. The blessing of seersucker is always a fun way to begin the summer season and this year everyone gets a special drink, too! (And our pastor dons on his finest Seersucker site, too!) Come and see! Join us on June 14th at 10:30am!
Small Groups On Break! Saint Miriam winds down for a brief break during the summer vacation season; So, from June – the end of august, all of our Small Groups take a break, too! Visit the Small Groups page over the break and see where your heart will take you when we begin a new in September! Visit the Small Groups Page Here.
New Missals! Saint Miriam will now offer two versions of its Ordinary Missals for Mass. The cover that features a modern graphic of a gold chalice and bread will be used at the Early and Late Masses, while the one that features a Jerusalem Cross will be used for the 10:30am Morning Mass along with feast days and solemnities. It just keeps getting better!
Download Our App and Stay In Touch this Summer! Our Saint Miriam Parish App was recently updated and features faster download times, and a ‘refresh’ button for the newest content! Download the App by Clicking Here, and be sure to tell your friends as it is a great outreach tool!
Need A Summer Hostess Gift to Go with that Wine? Why not pick up a few of our meditation CD’s? Here is what Pat Wilcke shared: “Dear Maria and Charlie: I just wanted you to know that the CD that you & Charlie created has really helped me lately. I had a particularly challenging week last week and did a great deal of driving for work & personal responsibilities.The beautiful music really helped to reduce my stress. Thank you again for a wonderful CD.”
Teachers Needed! Our Saint Miriam PREP Program needs a couple new teachers! We only ask for a year commitment and some of our current teachers need a break. If you can help, please see Dr. Shaun Little, or email Here
Search, Smile and Make a Difference!  Please support Saint Miriam by downloading and using GoodSearch and GoodShop! Our current total raised is $792.36! Every time you search or buy, we get a small percentage and you get great deals, and often free shipping! Also use Smile Amazon and make us your charity of  choice! It all adds up!
The Annual Budget Posted.  Please visit the Fellowship Hall for the posted annual budget on the bulletin board! Each year we post it for two consecutive weeks for the parish to comment. Then, it goes to the Parish Board of a vote. Your voice matters!

Saint Miriam Cafe’ Menu!


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May Cafe’ Table Menus



Upcoming Event Highlights!


(Visit our Parish Calendar Here and below is a quick look at Upcoming Events!)

June 7th – Confirmation at 10:30am Mass.
June 14th – Blessing of the Seersucker and ONE MASS ONLY at 10:30am!
June 21st – Baptisms at 10:30am Mass and Father’s Day!
June 27th – The Wedding Mass of Mary Brownlow and Joel Covar at 4:00pm.
June 28th – Part 1 – Annual Financial Planning Seminar, after the 10:30am Mass.
July 19th – Baptism of Connor Logan at the 10:30am Mass.
Aug 23rd – The Feast Day of Bernard of Clairvaux and PreCana/Marriage PREP Day!