The Weekly Focus @ Saint Miriam for April 1, 2018!

Week of Sunday, April 1st 2018  – Easter Edition!

Holy  Week
Easter 2018! 
March 29th, 30th, 31st and April 1st!




Join Us for a Holy Week 2018!

  • Holy Thursday at 7:00pm
  • Good Friday at 3:00pm
  • Great Easter Vigil (Saturday) at 7:30pm
  • Easter Sunday at 7:30am and 9:00am Only

Stewardship Time Ends This Week!

(for Time, Talent and Treasure!)

Each Lent, Saint Miriam uses the season to reflect on God’s goodness and generosity towards us. Then, we look at what we give and how we honor that generosity. It is about being god stewards, but also about honoring and supporting all that we have at our beautiful parish! This year, we ask that you reflect on being a good Christian steward! 
The Christian steward is one who receives God’s gifts gratefully, cherishes and tends them in a responsible and accountable manner, shares them in justice and love with others, and returns them with increase to the Lord. When it comes to financial support of our church family, the biblical ideal is a tithe—or 10%—of one’s income.
Our Catholic Church leaders suggest giving 5% to church and 5% to charity.  Most Catholics who tithe reach this ideal gradually. In this area of stewardship, one of the most important steps to consider is to become an ‘intentional giver’ — as opposed to a ‘loose change giver.’  An intentional giver is one who has the willing diligence to ‘do the math,’ that is, to look at his/her annual income and then prayerfully and intentionally decide what percentageshould be set aside for the support of the church and for charity. We urge everyone to be intentional givers as well as to sign up for eGiving to ensure your weekly or monthly gift is received in a timely manner to help us help others!

Five reasons to be serious and generous with our financial resources:


  1. God expects us to be generous even if our financial resources are not much. Remember how Jesus praised the poor widow for her generosity to the Temple (Ref: Mark 12:41-44).
  2. We could have been born in a slum, begging for food every day. Reflection on this accident of our birth should motivate us to be generous with our material blessings.
  3. Consistent financial giving is the best medicine for our greedy tendencies.
  4. Generous financial giving helps to make us a little more like our good and generous God.
  5. It feels good to experience the joy of giving.
Our parish seeks to practice what we preach in this area of the Gospel. This past fiscal year, we gave $11,000 from our offertory collections to charities in our local area and abroad.
So, how are we doing, you ask?
To date, less than 41% of all parishioners have returned their pledges or completed the online Stewardship Forms. Of those that have, the average increase is a remarkable 18% INCREASE! And, we have also received 5 brand NEW pledges! We also converted 13 folks from check giving to eGiving! These are all wonderful rends, BUT we need EVERYONE to give to make this year work! So, please…complete the forms handed out this weekend or visit the online site TODAY. 

Please, give generously and watch as God comes in unexpected ways!


Learn more by Clicking Here!


From our Pastor…

Click Here to visit our Pastor’s Blog for this week!

Saint Miriam in Devotion.

Click Here to read Franciscan Moments,
our weekly Devotional!

Support Our Mission!

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In Prayer,
Virginia Tavani-Romano, Bishop Ken, Jill, Losang Namgyal, Virginia Tavani-Romano, Alexanne and Macarthur, Peggy and family, Katie & Michael, Chester, Donna, Sadie, Lorraine, Matthia and Ethan, Bridget, Catherine, Raphael, Kevin, Greg and Paul, Bill, John, Desiree, Thomas, Linda, Dan, Patrick, Ruth.
( To be included in our prayer list, or to receive pastoral care, communion for shut-ins, or any other pastoral need, please let us know by Clicking Here.)
March 25th!

Stewardship Appeal 2018 Ends!

Join us in support of our own parish! As we approach the 10th Anniversary of our founding, it is even more clear that what we have is precious and deserves our active support! Click below to complete your annual Stewardship Appeal forms and allow us to all support the gift we have called Saint Miriam! The is year’s Appeal ends with Palm Sunday. After which, anyone who has not pledged will received a telephone calls as well as follow up letters that will actually cost the parish needed funds. So, please…visit
March 26th!

🚪 Stained Glass Doors To Be Installed for Easter!

This year’s major project is done and soon, as you enter for Holy Week, you will be greeted with the installation of our stained glass panels from our former parish building in Blue Bell into our main Sanctuary Doors! The doors have been removed since January 3rd to allow the contractor to install the beautiful panels and honor everyone who gave so generously! We waited until our 10th anniversary, coming up in March, and to allow for a stronger financial position! So, to help offset these costs, please give generously and join us this Holy Week for the unveiling! They are stunning and memorial and honor plaques are available! See anyone on staff!


April 5th!

Adoration, Rosary and Regular Thursdays Return!

Join us as we return to our regular Thursday Devotions and Mass! Our full schedule is found by Clicking Here!
Current News!
🌷 Easter Flowers Available!
Our annual Easter Flower Memorials and Honors are still available for your honor and memorials! Help us beatify Saint Miriam for the Risen Christ! Please Click Here!

🎁 Easter Giving…

Please remember to give an extra Easter Gift this year in the form of monetary support to Saint Miriam. This is also a great time to honor the work of your pastor and ministry team members with a card and gift for all they do! Remember that they give up their holidays so you have one! Honor their commiuttement and sacrifice this year and don’t forget your parish! Easter Giving Envelopes are available beginning Palm Sunday!
📅 April and Easter Ministry Team Schedules are Now Posted!
Our April Schedules for all serving Masses for the month of April, as well as Easter are now posted! From Palm Sunday through Easter are on one format, and then a separate one for all of April can now be found by Clicking Here!
💒 Care to Serve?
Our April Schedules for all serving Masses have been posted, but we need more acolytes and sacristans (those who help with linens and Mass set up~) Please see Monsignor Jim and volunteer your time! Or, send him an email by Clicking Here!
📰 Welcome New Newsletter for 2018!
Our new weekly newsletter cover is now being used! See the wonderful images and updated information and please support the advertisers for this year’s edition! Welcome Easter 2018!
🌏 Honoring Earth Day 2018: Coming in April!
Our Caring for Creation Group will be leading us on Sunday, April 22nd for Earth Day! Our Masses for that Sunday will feature information, prayers, and inserts dedicated to protecting our Earth as good stewards! Join us for a fantastic Sunday!
🙏🏼 First Penance 2018 is April 8th!
All Sacramametral PREP/CCD students will be making their First Pennace in preparation for First Holy Communion on Sunday, April 8th at the 9:00am Family Mass!
👩🏼‍💻 We are Hiring for Administration Assistant, IT/Social Media, and Receptionist!

We are accepting applications for a part-time Administration Assistant, IT and Social Media Support, and Receptionist at our Parish and School in Flourtown, PA. This is an immediate hire position once the correct candidate is found! Saint Miriam Parish and Friary operates a parish, school, and historic cemetery. This positon would interact with all facets of our campus and begin in the morning by welcoming our students and families to the school! This position will also provide social media and IT technical support including PowerPoint applications and MAC based and PC based software and support. Apply to with Resume, cover letter, and hourly salary requirements as well as hours/days available!

💒 Saint Miriam Mission Begins to Take Shape!
Our own Father John Francis will open a ‘Mission Parish” of Saint Miriam next month in Wilmington DE and we will soon see more items from our newest endeavor to reach more people! Father has embraced our vision statement to bring the gift of our parish to others! Please pray for our new mission!
❣ Father John Francis Opens New Outreach for Saint Miriam!
A new outreach will soon launch to serve the homeless population in Philadelphia and Wilimngtom areas and you can be part of it! Stay tuned as we launch Sacred Space!

👛 Mixed Bags Return to Saint Miriam Ends April 8th!

Thanks to The Women of Saint Miriam, Mixed Bags are back! Mixed Bags are back! The Women of Saint Miriam are holding a Spring fundraiser from March 4th to April 8th. Mixed Bags are beautiful, eco-friendly products made from recycled and natural materials that are in keeping with the Saint Miriam commitment to the environment. There are bags in different styles and sizes, items for travel, for home organization, as well as kitchen and household products. Catalogues will be available in Fellowship Hall. Please make checks out to Saint Miriam; there is no tax charged. Saint Miriam receives 50% in profits! Spread the word to family and friends. Support the parish and the environment by purchasing Mixed Bag Designs. Buy online by Clicking Here!
👍🏼 Review Us and Like Us!!
Please take a moment an Like us on Facebook and send a review, too! It all helps!

😁 Missing a Tooth?

Be sure to notify the pastor if you child is missing a tooth! Did you know that the tooth fairy visits Saint Miriam every month!?
🙏🏼 Mass, Sanctuary Lamp, and Bread & Wine Sponsors Needed!
Please make your Mass intentions and sponsor the Sanctuary Lamp for the year! Click Here to honor your loved ones during this coming year and support your parish!
😀 Smile Amazon Makes Saint Miriam Smile, too!
Join us by selecting Saint Miriam as your charity of choice at Amazon Smile and every time you make a purchase, we receive a small donation! Every bit helps! Join us at our website and under Support by Clicking Here!

Saint Miriam, The Mass.

Our Mass Intentions…
All Mass Intentions May be Viewed by Clicking Here.
Make a Mass Intention by Clicking Here.
Memorial Masses: “In Loving Memory of…”
Louise Freed by Rick Freed
Diamond Williams by Rick Freed
Donna Miniscalco by Henry Miniscalco
Louise Testoni by Stephen Logan
Honor Masses: Honor of  Pam Kunz by the Women of Saint Miriam

Sanctuary Lamp: (burns all week, “In Memory or Honor of”)

In Loving Memory of Alton E. St. George and Casper and Ramona Wilchek and the Deceased Members of the Hall Family by Father Jim, Sean Hall, and Katelyn Wilchek and In Loving Memory of Lt. Col. Vance Huston by Pat Wilcke
Bread and Wine Sponsor for Month:
In Loving Memory of Curtis Lee Mitchell and Anna Walloe and In Honor of Guy and Lorraine Cuffey by Donna Mitchell

Click & Easy Support!

Mass Intentions Available: Please make your Mass Intentions today? See anyone on staff for Masses, Sanctuary Lamp, and Bread and Wine Sponsors every Sunday, or Click Here to make your intentions online!)
TEXT Your Gifts to Saint Miriam TODAY! Text Giving allows you to give to your organization by simply sending a text message to our specially reserved phone number! You just “Text any dollar amount to (215) 515-6511.” Once you text an amount (like “$50” or “120.50”) you would either be sent an acknowledgment for the gift, or given a short link to click on in order to provide their payment information (one time only). You are also prompted by text message with instructions. The whole process is designed to be very simple and self explanatory. Another way to give and support…making it easy so try it today!
Why Not GoodShop, Search, and Go Amazon, too? Please support Saint Miriam by downloading and using GoodSearchand GoodShop! Every time you search or buy, we get a small percentage and you get great deals, and often free shipping! Also use Smile Amazon and make us your charity of choice! It all adds up!

Saint Miriam in Support.

 How Much do You Love Saint Miriam?  There are many ways to support the mission of our parish and a flyer has been prepared to show you how easy it is! Please learn about GoodSearch, GoodShop, eBay, and Amazon Smile! Please support us and pick up a flyer or Support Flyer one today!
Matching Gifts Make Giving Easy! Did you ever inquire to see if your employer, club, or social network offers assistance to parishes or schools? Your gift could double and help us grow without anything more from your own pocket! As we hold three recognized non-profits, many companies are pleased to support us! Please remember to ask…it never does hurt! 
Visit the Online Store for the Parish! Please visit our online store today and make a purchase to support our ministry by buying your own Saint Miriam Holding Cross, a Mass Cards, Saint Miriam Prayer Cards, a beautiful Rosary, or even sponsor a child, and much more! Just Click Here!
♻️ Go Greener at Saint Miriam! Our exclusive customized 24 oz. sport water bottles that combines our love of water with our parish’s “Green Policy” reduces our carbon footprint and will save thousands of plastic bottles from entering the ecosystem! And, the best part is your $10 donation goes directly to help our children’s educational programming! Get your own bottle today by visiting our online store and help go even stay greener!
 Help Our Children in 2017-2018: Sponsor a Child Today! There are many ways to help our children become better adults and Christians, as well as better practicing Catholics, and this year we offer two wonderful means to bring a smile – and a little support – right to our school! Sponsor a Child today by Clicking Here!
First, why not think about purchasing a brick that will help in the building of a new pathway to our Saint Miriam Summer Playground area and forever create a legacy on our campus! For every donation of $100.00 to The Saint Miriam Fund receive a 4 x 8 Personalized Brick! (Special Size of 8 x 8 is Available for a Donation Amount of $250.00). Learn more about our needed bricks by Clicking Here!
Secondly, you may also Sponsor a Child directly now! When you sponsor a child, you create a special relationship between you, a child in need, the community of Saint Miriam, and our team of caring professionals! Together, we are helping to change the future for children through a quality and affordable private education! For just $29 a month, or a one-time donation of only $350, you can provide essential aid and education to improve the well-being of every child that comes to our doors! And, because we actually feed our children during the school day, your donation not only helps give them a good education, you fill their bellies with wholesome food, too! It gives you the opportunity to witness young lives transformed for the future right here in Montgomery County! Learn more here.

Welcome to The NEW Saint Miriam Cafe’!

☕️ Eat Good Food, Enjoy Each Other, & Help a Child, too?
Now, every time you purchase something wonderful from our Saint Miriam Cafe’ after our Sunday morning Masses, we contribute 100% of that donation to a scholarship fund that allows children without the means to attend our wonderful Zion Preschool at Saint Miriam and Saint Miriam Academy! Your good eating, helps a child learn and grow!  
A Cafe’ Experience That Works Wonders!
Many of you have spoken and love the new Cafe’! In fact, our scholarships have more than tripled! Come and see how we do fellowship this Sunday!
Last month we raised over $819.08 just by eating good food! 
For more information and our delicious current month’s menus, just Click Here! 

Upcoming Highlights!

( Visit our Parish Calendar Here for full weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules.)
NEW Parish Calendar for Masses!
Mar 29th:
  • Offices and School Closed
  • Holy Thursday Mass at 7:00pm
Mar 30th:
  • Offices and School Closed
  • Good Friday Service at 3:00pm
Mar 31st:
  • Offices and School Closed
  • The Great Vigil of Easter at 7:30pm
Apr 1st:
  • Easter Sunday at 7:30am and 9:00am only


Apr 2nd:

  • Offices and School Closed
  • Tommy Conwell at 4:30pm

Apr 3rd:

  • School Re-Opens!
  • Recovery International at 6:30pm

Apr 4th:

  • Tommy Conwell at 4:30pm
  • Weekday Mass at 6:00pm
  • AA General Services


Apr 5th:

  • Confessions at 4:00pm
  • Rosary at 5:15pm
  • Mass at 5:30pm
  • Stations of Cross at 6:00pm
  • Boy Scout Troop #320 at 7:00pm

Apr 6th:

  • First Friday Mass at 9:15am

Apr 7th:

  • AA Sunrise at 8:30am

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