The Weekly Focus @ Saint Miriam for August 16th 2015


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Join us in Prayer….

Mia, Bishop Ken and family, Christine, Kathleen, Joe, Robert, Zion Lutheran Church Congregation, Our Building  Campaign, Greg and Paul, Louise, Anthony, Dylan, Cindy, Father Bryan, Vivian, Dee, Fred, Ed and Eleanore, Bridget, Lorraine, Guy, Maureen, Chris, our parish leadership and board.

Saint Miriam Life & News!

Today we … honor the Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time and the Baptisms of Grady Michael Sidlo and Henry Ellis Merkel!

Cafe’ to Close!  We will be closing the Saint Miriam Cafe’! Well, just for the last two weeks to prepare for our move! So, enjoy today and then help us pack and come and see the new home of the parish and cafe’ in Flourtown! Together, we are going places!
Private Reception Coming September 3rd!  Did you make a generous donation of $250 or more to the Capital Campaign? Then watch your email carefully! Any donation of that amount or more received before August 30th will receive a special private open house invitation! Give today and be the first to see our new home!

Countdown to Move: Three Sundays!  Our parish is moving effective September 1st to our new home in Flourtown!  Lots of planning and help is needed to make this transition happen. Please be mindful of your support. We need your financial donations ASAP to help with this transition. Please Click Here and make your Capital Campaign Donation TODAY. Together, we are going places!

Our Move Schedule is as Follows:
August 30th– Mass of Deconsecration (One Mass Only)
August 31st – Moving Day!!
September 3rd – First Mass & Private Reception /Tour
September 6th – Regular Schedule of Masses for Holiday
September 13th – The Inaugural Mass!
Toys! Toys! Toys!  Our PreSchool has a few needs and some are easy! If you could please volunteer to purchase large movement toys like tricycles, bicycles, etc. and any toys for older children (3-7 years old)  please let Shaun Little know today! What a gift to help the children! Please?
Support Us as We Continue a Legacy!  In 1819, a Lutheran congregation worshiped in a building they constructed with another congregation and were known as Union Church of Whitemarsh. Then, in 1894, the two congregations mutually separated with the Lutherans becoming Zion Lutheran Church, and the Reformed congregation becoming St. Paul’s Church in Fort Washington, with a new building about a mile away. Later this month, Saint Miriam will become the stewards of this property, including a cemetery, preschool, and building site, with a deep history and we will endeavor to carry on the warm legacy of Zion and honor their rich history and love. Please support our effort and pray for us as we make our move; and pray for those at Zion who have helped make this all possible. Please make a generous donation Here. We can’t move without your support!
“Go Fund Me” Only Works with You! Help us raise funds by using the Go Fund Me link ( or simply ‘share’ it via Facebook and Twitter! Every dollar helps and your family and friends may just help us with this simple fund raising tool! Help us by spreading the word!
Mass of Deconsecration Set for August 30th at 10:30am:  It is time to say goodbye to 475 Norristown Road and it will be bittersweet. It sounds bad, but deconsecration is not the same as desecration. Before a church building is used as a place of worship, especially for Catholics, it has to be consecrated. The reverse, called deconsecration, happens when the church building is no longer to be used as a place of worship. As an institution, which is almost 2 millenia old, there are some rare rituals to follow and it will be interesting to witness and experience this on Sunday, August 30th 2015 at 10:30am, one Mass only, as we witness a liturgy rarely used and beautiful in its intent as we say farewell to our current home. Join us and witness history!
Mass Times to Change Slightly.  With the coming move, we will update our Mass selections and a couple start times. Please see our pastor if you wish to say, “Hurray!”, or “No way!, or salute him for his ingenuity, or grumble about his constant thinking ahead!
Mass Donations Needed! As Catholics the most important thing we do is pray and offer the sacrifice of the Mass. Please…don’t forget to make your Mass intentions today by Clicking Here. Together, we honor God in Mass.
PREP Registration Closes Next Week!  It is time to register your children for PREP for the Fall and many new students are getting in on the action. All registrations MUST be completed by August 23rd 2015 to allow us time to plan and staff accordingly. Please register today by Clicking Here and then Register on the right side of the page. Thank you for helping us plan and create a great educational experience!
Download Our App and Stay In Touch! Our Saint Miriam Parish App was recently updated and features faster download times, and a ‘refresh’ button for the newest content! Download the App by Clicking Here, and be sure to tell your friends as it is a great outreach tool!
Search, Smile, and Make a Difference!  Please support Saint Miriam by downloading and using GoodSearch and GoodShop! Our current total raised is $811.40! Every time you search or buy, we get a small percentage and you get great deals, and often free shipping! Also use Smile Amazon and make us your charity of  choice! It all adds up!

Saint Miriam Cafe’ Menu!

Just click on this link for this Month’s Menu in PDF format and have it all month long!
Special Note: Our Cafe’ will be Closed 23rd and 30th for move!

August Table Menus


Upcoming Event Highlights!


(Visit our Parish Calendar Here and below is a quick look at Upcoming Events!)

August 16th – Last Saint Miriam Cafe’ until our move!
August 23rd – The Feast Day of Bernard of Clairvaux and PreCana/Marriage PREP Day!
August 30th– Mass of Deconsecration (One Mass Only)
September 3rd – First Mass in new location and a Private Event (See above)
September 6th – Our regular schedule of Masses/Holiday Weekend
September 13th – The Inaugural Mass and Saint Miriam Parish Board Meeting (1pm)
September 27th – The Annual Fall InGathering Mass!
October 18th – Vocations Sunday!