The Weekly Focus @ Saint Miriam for December 2, 2018!

Week of Sunday, December 2nd 2018


The First Sunday of Advent!


From our Pastor…

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Saint Miriam in Devotion.

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In Prayer,
Grace, Richard, Keith, William, Jim, Ingrid, Antoinette, Migrants and Immigrants, John, Father Bryan, Dannie, Carol, Rick, Mary Alice, John, Debbie, John, Myra, Ruth, Lorraine, Maria, Connor, Cathy, Maia, Patricia, Chrissy, Myra, Bob, Liz, Everett, Dick, Pat, Lisa, Wendy, Eileen, Jack, Maria, Mary Lou, Andrew, Marie, Shealyn, Celine, Marta, Cindy, Mehmet, Anne, MaryAnn and Ken, Bridget, Tom, Michael, Bobbette, Shirley, Kevin, Lucia, Ruth, Maia, Shealyn, Eileen, Maria, Liz, Jessica, Everett, Jen, Ezra and family, Lisa, Wendy, Eileen, Jack, Baby Adam, Maria, Mary Lou, Andrew, Pat, Marie, Shealyn, Celine, Marta, Everett, Cindy, Mehmet, Anne, MaryAnn and Ken, Bridget, Tom, Michael, Bobbette, Shirley, Kevin, Lucia, Ruth, Maia, Chuck, Tom, Lucy, Emma, Abigail, Amina.
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Let’s Eat!

A Cafe’ Experience That Works Wonders!
Now, every time you purchase something wonderful from our Saint Miriam Cafe’ after our Sunday morning Masses, we contribute 100% of that donation to a scholarship fund that allows children without the means to attend our wonderful Zion Preschool at Saint Miriam and Saint Miriam Academy! Your good eating, helps a child learn and grow!
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Saint Miriam, The Mass.

Our Mass Intentions…
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Memorial Masses: “In Loving Memory of…”
Louise Freed by Rick Freed
Diamond Williams by Rick Freed
Donna Miniscalco by Henry Miniscalco
Louise “Weezie” Testoni by Stephen Logan
Honor Masses:
Ramona Salotti by Pat Wilcke

Sanctuary Lamp: (burns all week, “In Memory or Honor of”)

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Bread and Wine Sponsor for Month:
In Loving Memory of Sterett Mayson by Ronnie Gabriel
Advent Candle Sponsors 2018
  • In Honor of Margherita Yon by Steven and Kristina Moriconi
  • In Honor of JoAnn and Sam Costanzo by Msgr Jim and Katelyn Wilchek
  • In Memory of Alton St. George by Msgr. Jim and Katelyn Wilchek
  • A Gift of Karen and Ed Mortka

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Saint Miriam in Support.

 How Much do You Love Saint Miriam?  There are many ways to support the mission of our parish and a flyer has been prepared to show you how easy it is! Please learn about GoodSearch, GoodShop, eBay, and Amazon Smile! Please support us and pick up a flyer or Support Flyer one today!
Matching Gifts Make Giving Easy! Did you ever inquire to see if your employer, club, or social network offers assistance to parishes or schools? Your gift could double and help us grow without anything more from your own pocket! As we hold three recognized non-profits, many companies are pleased to support us! Please remember to ask…it never does hurt! 
Visit the Online Store for the Parish! Please visit our online store today and make a purchase to support our ministry by buying your own Saint Miriam Holding Cross, a Mass Cards, Saint Miriam Prayer Cards, a beautiful Rosary, or even sponsor a child, and much more! Just Click Here!
♻️ Go Greener at Saint Miriam! Our exclusive customized 24 oz. sport water bottles that combines our love of water with our parish’s “Green Policy” reduces our carbon footprint and will save thousands of plastic bottles from entering the ecosystem! And, the best part is your $10 donation goes directly to help our children’s educational programming! Get your own bottle today by visiting our online store and help go even stay greener!
 Help Our Children in 2018-2019: Sponsor a Child Today! There are many ways to help our children become better adults and Christians, as well as better practicing Catholics, and this year we offer two wonderful means to bring a smile – and a little support – right to our school! Sponsor a Child today by Clicking Here!
First, why not think about purchasing a brick that will help in the building of a new pathway to our Saint Miriam Summer Playground area and forever create a legacy on our campus! For every donation of $100.00 to The Saint Miriam Fund receive a 4 x 8 Personalized Brick! (Special Size of 8 x 8 is Available for a Donation Amount of $250.00). Learn more about our needed bricks by Clicking Here!
Secondly, you may also Sponsor a Child directly now! When you sponsor a child, you create a special relationship between you, a child in need, the community of Saint Miriam, and our team of caring professionals! Together, we are helping to change the future for children through a quality and affordable private education! For just $29 a month, or a one-time donation of only $350, you can provide essential aid and education to improve the well-being of every child that comes to our doors! And, because we actually feed our children during the school day, your donation not only helps give them a good education, you fill their bellies with wholesome food, too! It gives you the opportunity to witness young lives transformed for the future right here in Montgomery County! Learn more here.
Why Not GoodShop, Search, and Go Amazon, too? Please support Saint Miriam by downloading and using GoodSearchand GoodShop! Every time you search or buy, we get a small percentage and you get great deals, and often free shipping! Also use Smile Amazon and make us your charity of choice! It all adds up!

 This Week: Who Is Celebrating!? 

Sunday Mass – 1 Advent – Dec 2nd
Early Mass: Father John Francis   
Family Mass: Monsignor Jim
Morning Mass: Father John Francis   
Sunday Rosary – Dec 2nd 
 8:30am in Sanctuary:  Deacon Pat
Thursday Rosary – Dec 6th
 6:15pm in Library: Deacon Pat
🍂 Our NEW Fall Schedule! 🍂
Our new Fall Mass & Servce Schedule has been updated!
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  Announcements This Week!
🌹Christmas Flower Sponsor Needed! Please see someone today to sponsor our Christmas Flowers at the Altar in memory or honor of someone you love! 
👩🏼‍🎤Welcome back Maria! Today we welcome back our Cantor, after a battle with breast cancer and surgery! The children of PREP/CCD will give her a welcome back gift at the 10:30am Morning Mass. Let us gather in thanksgiving and healing! Welcome Home!
👨‍👩‍👧 Blended Families Support Group Meets This Week! Parenting and marriage are hard enough and then you add the challenges of being a blended family! We can support each other and discuss topics that are common in our families. Join us for the initial group on Friday, December 7th from 7:00-8:00pm at Saint Miriam and then we will reconvene after the holidays on January 4th and February 1st. Feel free to contact Katie Wenger by e-mail ( or call/text (267-304-4442) with any questions, or to be added to the newsletter via email!
✳️ Yes!! Please Touch Today!!  Look at the “tips and gifts” display in the front hall for ideas for stocking stuffers and gifts to help the planet.  Get the harmful effects of the endocrine -disrupting chemicals from plastic away from your family’s food and reduce ocean pollution too.  And if you want to learn more about this topic, come to a meeting as well.
🗓 Join us this Advent as we gather for a Reverse Advent Calendar! This year we will be encouraging a “Reverse Advent calendar”, simply put, just pick out an item needed by our Blessing Bag Program  – one item for every day in December, then, when your bags are filled, bring to the parish on Sundays and drop the items in the collection basket in the Bell Tower!  Items needed include: Package of crackers (21 crackers per pack) – Keebler Club Crackers, Small container apple-sauce or fruit mix, Bumble Bee Chicken or Tuna Salad (small container(pouch), Juice pack, Individual container of pudding, Small container of Vienna Sausages, Individually wrapped cookies, Small jar of peanut butter (preferably individual servings), and Bottles of water!
🎄The 2018 Giving Tree Comes to Saint Miriam! Every year we place gifts with tags to children and vulnerable adults under a Giving Tree in the Library and this year we will care for Carson Valley Children’s Center, Guadalupe Family Services, NHS Group Home, and a full Christmas (from tree to food to gifts) for two families in need in Camden and Wilmington. We will also add a small gift to our Blessing Bag program for the homeless! Pick up an ornament today and make a dream come true!
🧸Toys for Tots! Help a child and support the Marines! Our collection site is now open in the administration wing of the building! Drop off your new toys today! 
🌙 Join Us for The Longest Night! Join us on Friday, December 21st, 2018 at 6:30 PM. This service recognizes that not everyone is cheery for the Christmas holidays. There is a growing attentiveness to the needs of people who are “blue” at Christmas, creating a sacred space for people living through dark times. This special service is reflective, accepting, holding out healing and hope.
👍🏻 Proud of Monsignor’s Voice! For those who wonder, there is an often overlooked and grim reality before those who are seeking asylum. As our parish is a designated Sanctuary Parish, we join our dear friends at Universal Spirit Broadcasting Network through our their efforts at the Unidos Voices Project in helping to shed light on this very important situation. We are grateful for our pastor’s voice. May God bring us His peace to this situation and may we become once again a beacon of hope.  Please see the video on our Facebook page.
🎊 Make a Difference Where it Counts with End of Year Giving! Please give generously at the end of every year! It helps offset your tax burden and enables us to move into a new year with less debt to help our children, programs, and outreach! Please remember Saint Miriam as you plan for a brand new year! We won’t forget you, please don’t forget us! Make your end of year gift today!
🎨 Undercroft Gets A Make Over! Everyone Calm Down!  We are making renovations to the undercroft space to allow for an increase in rentals and to accommodate our in-house weddings. We will be applying a new mural to the school wing later this winter.
📅 Our December Ministry Team Schedule Posted! The December Ministry Team Schedule is posted. If you have any required changes, please find a substitute from our list of servers. If you cannot find a suitable sub, please email or see Deacon Pat.
🛍 Blessing Bags Now on Facebook! Our Blessing Bag Program has its own Facebook Page! Please “Like Us” there, too!
💽 Come, Follow Me CD’s Now Available! Our professional produced music CD for the holidays is now available! Make your purchase and help us while making someone’s Christmas great! 
🛐 St. Francis and St. Miriam Prayer Cards!  As a distinctly Franciscan parish, after every Mass, please let us know if you wish to receive a special St Francis Prayer Card. Also, St. Miriam Prayer Cards are again available to support the church! See someone today!
🧧 In Kind Donation: A Great Option! Did you know that when you donate new supplies to the parish, like fellowship, office or school supplies, or even yarn for the Prayer Shawl Group, you can get an “in-kind donation” as long as the supplies were purchased by you, donated to the parish without any compensation back? See anyone to help us stay supply-ready and get a tax benefit, too!
✝️ Saint Miriam Holding Cross are BACK! Just in time for a wonderful, unique, and stunningly beautiful holiday gift! A holding cross, or a comfort cross, as it is sometimes called, is an asymmetric cross that is made to fit ergonomically into the palm of one’s hand and is used during prayer.  Each Saint Miriam Holding Cross comes beautifully gift boxed in a Saint Miriam box, tied with a Saint Miriam ribbon for an elegant presentation! In addition, each comes with a Mass and Dedication card in a Gold Foil lined envelope! Each cross shows how we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”, and now you can order your one-of-a-kind Saint Miriam holding cross today and feel the love of God and spread this message wherever you go!

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Upcoming Highlights!
( Visit our Parish Calendar Here for full weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules.)
Dec 2nd:
  • The First Sunday of Advent
  • The Women of Saint Miriam after 10:30am Mass
  • “The Mass” Advent Session II 12:00pm in Library
  Dec 4th:
  • Recovery, Inc. at 6:30pm
  Dec 5th:
  • AA General Svs at 7:00pm
  Dec 6th:
  • Adoration 4:00-6:00pm
  • Rosary at 6:16pm
  • Boy Scout Troop at 7:00pm
  Dec 7th:
  • Blended Family Support Group at 6:00pm!
  Dec 1st:
  • AA Sunrise at 8:30am!
  • Men’s Club at 10:00am!
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Prayer Requests:
215-836-9800 x 712
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