The Weekly Focus @ Saint Miriam for February 17, 2019!

Week of Sunday, February 17th 2019

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time and Baptism Sunday!

From our Pastor…

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Saint Miriam in Devotion.

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In Prayer,

Donna, Colleen, Darlene, Alexander, Gabi, Gene, Dana, Christopher, Trish, Bill, Willie, Jeanette,Erin, Kate, Andy, Sean, Lorraine, Theresa, Jeff, Catherine, Emma Sue, Sarah, Beckie and Ethan, Anthony, Denise, Dick, Ruth, Ross, Rosemary, Rob, Myra, Ciara, Keith, William, Jim, Ingrid, Antionette, Michael, Mary Alice, John, Debbie, John, Maria, Father John Francis, Rob, Myra, Marta, Anne, Catherine, Wendy, Eileen, Jack, Ruth, Maia, Chuck, Tom, Lucy, Emma, Abigail, Amina.

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Let’s Eat!

A Cafe’ Experience That Works Wonders!
Now, every time you purchase something wonderful from our Saint Miriam Cafe’ after our Sunday morning Masses, we contribute 100% of that donation to a scholarship fund that allows children without the means to attend our wonderful Zion Preschool at Saint Miriam and Saint Miriam Academy! Your good eating, helps a child learn and grow!
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Saint Miriam, The Mass.

Our Mass Intentions…
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Memorial Masses: “In Loving Memory of…”
Louise Freed by Rick Freed
Diamond Williams by Rick Freed
Donna Miniscalco by Henry Miniscalco
Louise “Weezie” Testoni by Stephen Logan
Jinny Hoelker by Ed Hoelker
Helen Heffner by Deacon Pat and Bridget
Honor Masses:


In Honor of Andy Chan and the Members of Philadelphia Highway Patrol


Sanctuary Lamp: (burns all week, “In Memory or Honor of”)


In Loving Memory of Delores Zaro by Pat Wilcke

Bread and Wine Sponsor for Month:

In Memory of Sterrett Mayson by Ronnie Gabriele


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Saint Miriam in Support.

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 This Week: Who Is Celebrating!? 

Sunday Mass – 6 OT – Feb 17th
Early Mass: Father John Francis
Family Mass: Father John Francis
Morning Mass: Monsignor Jim
Sunday Rosary – Feb 17th 
 8:30am in Sanctuary:  Robert Danner
Thursday Rosary – Feb 21st
 6:15pm in Library: Marie Hazleton
Just These Few!
The Newest News, Just for you!

Next Sunday…ONE MASS ONLY!

Join us on February 24th at 10:30am – THERE WILL BE ONE MASS ONLY – to allow everyone to join us for this wonderful and unique experience! Plan ahead and join us as we welcome the Beatles to Saint Miriam!!

We will enter to…All You Need Is Love! Followed by the…

Sign of Peace will include: I Want to Hold Your Hand!

Let It Be

Hey Jude

Our Meditation will be a beautiful new compilation of Help, With A Little Help From My Friends, I’ll Follow the Sun, and Long and Winding Road!

And, then we will leave to serve with… Here Comes the Sun!


Mandatory PREP Parents – Teachers Meeting Coming!

Join us for a PREP Parents Meeting on February 24th at 9:30am SHARP. RSVP to today!


 We Need Scarves and So Do Those in Need!

Our Scarves with a Purpose Program helps warm the homeless by being added to every Blessing Bag and we need your gifts! Please drop off your knitted and store bought scarves this week to the Library!

Welcome to Our Team, Kirk Melvin!

Kirk Melvin will serve as Campus Facility Support for Saint Miriam Parish, Zion Preschool at Saint Miriam, and Union Cemetery of Whitemarsh at Saint Miriam. Kirk was born in lower Delaware and went to school in Virginia. After a lot of different jobs spent 6 years in the United States Navy. Then, he spent the last 22 years working for SEPTA in Philadelphia, retiring and happily married to his partner of 15 years. Kirk also volunteers at the Delaware Art Museum.  He and Anthony reside in Wilmington.
Note: All things for the coming Season of Lent are being highlighted in purple!
🖼 We Are All Homeless Coming to Saint Miriam for Lent!
As Monsignor Jim announced at the Family Mass last Sunday, this Lent, Saint Miriam will be the next home for the WE ARE ALL HOMELESS project. The exhibit will feature a cross-section of the works from Willie Baronet on two levels of the parish. We will also tie into this exhibit our Lenten experience for 2019. We will sink more deeply into how we live a life of service and care for the marginalized and the lost and the lonely. We will try to deepen our own willingness, too, as we seek the homeless, the food insecure, and the forgotten. From the opening of the exhibit on March 9th to its closing celebration on April 27th, we will become homeless.

✝️ Lenten Books Available…You Must Ask!

Please email us if you would like to receive a FREE booklet for Lent. They are available on a first come, first served basis. You may also see Deacon Pat for your copy before Lent, which begins March 6th!
🍽 Join Sacred Meal Dinner on February and March 20th! Our Sacred Meal Dinners will return on February and March 20th – February will continue our Homeless theme and March will be our annual Lent Edition so join us! , both days at 6:30pm! Join us!
🛐 Stations of the Cross: Homeless edition!
Join us as we journey the Stations of the Cross but this year using our WE ARE ALL HOMELESS EXHIBIT as a background to deepen our journey! Every Thursday in Lent, beginning March 7th at 6:30pm!

Follow In My Footsteps: A Lenten Mini-Retreat

Join Saint Miriam as we walk through the Stations of the Cross in a musical journey! Each Station of the Cross will be rotated between a live performance  by Charlie and Maria, as well as poetic and narrative readings, and then conclude with a Lenten Meal! Jesus commands us to follow Him. It is His way, a way of lining for many people who have been condemned to human life, inhumanely, and Jesus goers to the darkest corners of our human lives to bring us life and light to all of our condemnations, our darkness, great and small. The Truth is Him who died that we might live! Join us on Thursday, April 11th 2019 for the journey that changed the world! Get ready to RSVP soon! Watch the News!

🥞 Shrove Tuesday Pancakes Coming!

Join us on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM in Fellowship and Dinner the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the Lenten Season for Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage, Coffee, Tea, Juice and Milk! Tickets can be purchased in the Saint Miriam Cafe or on any Kiosk located on all levels of the church and school. It is listed under ‘Special Events’. Adults – $10 and Children under 13 – $5

🐎 Donkeys are Coming!

Get ready for Lent and Palm Sunday with TWO live donkeys for our Palm Procession on Sunday April 14th at the 9:00am Family Mass this year! And, if your child has string attendance in PREP/CCD, they might be chosen to play Jesus and ride the donkey this year! 

Weekly Announcements
Our Ongoing News!
💧Join us Today as We Welcome our Newest Christians!
Today is Baptism Sunday at the 10:30am Mass and we will welcome Dominic Curtis Fital and Michael Anthony Fital and Louisa Pearl Falso! Join us and discover a new way to celebrate! 
♻️ Caring for Creation Meets Today!
Our wonderful ‘Green Group” Caring for Creation meets at 10:00am! Join them and help be good stewards of God’s earth!
🗞 Join the Saint Miriam Parishioner Group!
We have a new parishioner group on Facebook and it is for parishioners and their family! Be sire to “Like Us” on Facebook and get the invite too! A great way to stay in the know and also receive timely announcements and updates as well as interact with other parishioners! 

🚌  Mandatory PREP Parents Meeting!

February 24th at 9:30am SHARP. RSVP to today!
🤾🏽‍♀️ Playground Support Needed!
We will be renovating our playground as well as adding a new playground fro the smaller children inn our School. Please consider a donation of equipment or gifting to help us make another dream come true for our children!
🍍 Welcome Father Robert Yellow Fox Boyd!
Father Robert is our only Native American Indian priest and he will be visit us on Sunday, March 24th! Please welcome Father as he visits Saint Miriam! 
🖍 ColorCycle Comes to our School!
We have implemented Crayola ColorCycle to our classrooms, a brand new way to recycle used crayons and markers and a great opportunity for teachers and our students to explore eco- friendly practices. Through this initiative, students in schools across the continental United States and parts of Canada can collect and repurpose used Crayola markers. Specially developed standards-based lesson plans will also being used  to enrich instruction and promote lively class discussions. Welcome another Green Initiative at Saint Miriam and Zion Preschool at Saint Miriam! To learn more about caring for God’s planet, please visit our Caring for Creation Group:

🍸 RSVP Today!!!  The “We Are All Homeless” Welcome Reception Is Coming!

Please RSVP to Opening Reception on Saturday, February 23rd from 12:30pm – 2:00pm! Be the first to see the entire exhibit and meet and greet Willie Baronet! Make a donation, help us plan, get involved and be the FIRST to see this wonderful exhibit!
📿 Mary-on-the-Go!
We offer every family the opportunity to “Host” our Blessed Mother and pray to her as a family every Thursday! Just sign out the “Mary on the Go” carrying case every Sunday! The kit comes with a beautiful Blessed Mother Statue, Rosary beads for a family of up to 7, a glow-in-the-dark Rosary to pray at night, 7 booklets on how to pray the Rosary, as well as coloring images to teach your children! After you pray the Rosary, simply return the entire kit the following Sunday and another family will have the very same adoration opportunity! A beautiful way to Pray the Rosary!

🛣 A Road with Your Name?

We enjoy to access roadways to our campus. They were named by the previous owners as simply, “Upper Road” and “Lower Road”. This spring we will be repaving and are seeking someone who might like to rename the roads with a financial sponsorship! How often does one get the chance to have a roadway named for them?! Please see Monsignor Jim! 

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Family Mass to become More Family!

Starting in March, all readings, music, instruments, Hymn boards and PowerPoint Screens, and more will all be about families and children will help where possible! Please see Deacon Pat or Sean Hall to volunteer and we encourage ‘families serving together, too’! Learn more from anyone on the ministry team today!


🧣Help Us Help Others Stay Warm!

Our Scarves with a Purpose Program helps warm the homeless by being added to every Blessing Bag and we need your gifts! Please drop off your knitted and store bought scarves this week to the Library!
🛍 Help Us With Our “Blessing Bags”!
These bags provides a homeless person with enough food to sustain them for a few days. Please help us by (1) distributing these bags, and (2) helping with needed supplies! Our current needs are… Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Applesauce, Fruit cups, Juice, Wipe packets, Crackers, Peanut Butter, and Water! (We also help those with pets so dog and cat food is encouraged!) (If you care to help, Smile.Amazon helps the homeless and us!)

🚘 “Car Safe” Comes to Saint Miriam!

Beginning in February we will open our lower parking lot to help those people living within their cars by providing them a “Safe Car Space.” They will register, complete a brief questionnaire to ensure our safety, and get a Blessing Bag and support services. They will be able to stay overnight from 8pm – 7am as well as receive a referral to more permanent housing solutions! 

🔍 “Meeting the Poor in the Flesh”!

Monsignor Jim announced our 2019 Parish Focus will be “Meeting the Poor in the Flesh.” Watch as we care for the community, too! 

🛒 Pick Up a Shopping List Today!

Please see the special insert – it’s a Shopping List! Simply take this list with you on your normal day to shop, pick up a few extra items for the church, our school, and our Blessing Bag Program and help us grow! (Remember, if you turn in your receipt you will also get credit for tax purposes) so it is a real win-win! Please help us as we help others!

🙏🏼 Helping Our Blessing Bag Program Just Became Easier!

We added a needed shopping list right on line as well as a link to Smile.Amazon! Now, you can buy items for the Blessing Bag Outreach AND support the parish with your automatic donation via Smile.Amazon! Sign up at Smile.Amazon today and help us with every purchase! (

💒 New Exterior Parish Sign Coming!

We contracted for a new exterior sign to better showcase Saint Miriam and it will have a brand new location, too! Get ready! Please help us offset the cost with your special donation today! 

👩🏼‍🏫 Meet the Teachers May 5th!

Join us on Sunday, May 5th at the 9:00am Mass when we show our app reaction for our teachers in our school and PREP! Then, walk over to the school for an open house and see how we teach the next generation! 

Ashes to Go! In Ft Washington and Dover, too!

This year Father Bryan will be at Ft Washington Train Station from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and Deacon Peter will be at the Dover Station from 7:00 – 9:00am! 

🕯 Open Adoration!
Join us every Thursday for Open Adoration. Stop in anytime from 4:00pm until 6:00pm. The sanctuary is open, so is our Lord’s Presence. 
🛍 Blessing Bags Now on Facebook!
Our Blessing Bag Program has its own Facebook Page! Please “Like Us” there, too!
💽 Come, Follow Me CD’s Still Available!
Our professional produced music CD are still available! Make your purchase and help us! 

🛐 St. Francis and St. Miriam Prayer Cards! 

As a distinctly Franciscan parish, after every Mass, please let us know if you wish to receive a special St Francis Prayer Card. Also, St. Miriam Prayer Cards are again available to support the church! See someone today!


💻 On the Web!  Main Website:!

AND News, Blogs, Events,  Apps & More:

Upcoming Highlights!
( Visit our Parish Calendar Here for full weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules.)

Feb 17th:

  • Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
  • Caring for Creation at 10:00am
  • Baptism Sunday  at 10:30am

  Feb 19th:

  • Recovery, Inc. at 6:30pm
  • Boy Scout Leadership 

  Feb 20th:

  • Sacred Meal Dinner at 6:30pm

  Feb 21st:

  • Adoration 4:00-6:00pm
  • Rosary at 6:15pm
  • Boy Scout Troop #320 at 7:00pm

  Feb 23rd:

  • AA Sunrise at 8:30am
  • Opening Reception, We Are All Homeless & Meet Willie!

  Feb 24th:

  • The Beatles Mass at 10:30am followed by special Fellowship!
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