The Weekly Focus @ Saint Miriam for January 22nd 2017


The Weekly Focus @ Saint Miriam for January 22nd 2017


Saint Miriam in Prose: From our Pastor


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Saint Miriam in Prayer: Remembering!


Tina, Father Bryan, Eleanore, Ruth, Angela, Ruth, Leo, Michael Morgan, Ray Leight, III, Bobbi, Naomi, Kim, Phyllis, Derek Cuffey, Lorraine and Guy and Family, Father Joseph, Scott, Elliot, Sr., Derek, Matthew, Pat Wilcke and her mom, Bishop Greg, Angie, Craig, Trevor, Susan, Bob, Kim, Kate, Terri & family, Joan, Janet, Mary, Dan, Andrew, Bishop Ken, Freed Family, Chris, Ken, Janet, Pat, Charlie, Annie, Sue, Paul, Ed, George, Maureen, Marie, Suzanne, Rich, Cassie, Annie, Linda, Mike, Shannon, Mike, Richard, Victoria, Marianne, Donna, Joe, Maureen, and BJ.

( To be included in our prayer list, or to receive pastoral care, communion for shut-ins, or any other pastoral need, please let us know by Clicking Here.)

Saint Miriam in Reflection: The Mass.

Our Mass Intentions…
All Mass Intentions May be Viewed by Clicking Here.

Memorial Masses:

Louise Freed by Richard Freed

Cheryl D’Annunzio by Joe D’Annunzio

Derek Cuffey by Rosemary Johansson


Honor Masses:

John Shoemaker, David Olson, and Chet Mack by Monsignor Jim


Sanctuary Lamp:

In Loving Memory of Cheryl D’Annunzio by Joe D’Annunzio


Bread and Wine Sponsor for Month:

In Memory of Alton E. St. George by Msgr. Jim , Andrea Sprague, Sean Hall, and Ruth St. George

(✜ Mass Intentions Available: Please make your Mass Intentions today? See anyone on staff for Masses, Sanctuary Lamp, and Bread and Wine Sponsors or Click Here to make your intentions online! Thank you!)

Saint Miriam in Brief: A Quick Look!

 To read our full list of current events for this week,  visit Focus in Brief ,  by Clicking Here!)
Today we honor The Third Sunday in Ordinary Time!


🙏🏼 Pray for Our Leadership as they go on Retreat! Our annual Parish Board Retreat with subcommittee meetings for Union Cemetery and Saint Miriam Academy and Zion PreSchool at Saint Miriam  will begin at 8:00am and utilize all parish facilities. In order to save costs this year, our pastor requested an onsite retreat. Therefore, our entire board will be at the parish during this full day of planning and prayer. Please pray for the leadership of our parish as they discern our continued mission for 2017-2018!
♊️ Matching Gifts Make Giving Easy! Did you ever inquire to see if your employer or club or social network offers assistance to parishes or schools? Your gift could double and help us grow without anything more from your own pocket! So far four parishioners have found ways to help through their work that include United Health Care, IBM, and LVHNN! Please remember to ask…it never hurts! 
🌞 Volunteer “Morning” Reception Help Needed! Our parish, school, and cemetery are very busy in the morning and we are in need of some part time volunteer receptionist support! We added a new reception counter and are ready for some help now! So, if you could donate a few hours a week, mostly mornings, on days of your choice, please let Msgr. Jim or Kathleen know? Thank you! 
🎨 Sanctuary Painting To Be Completed This Friday!Our final area to be painted in the Sanctuary – the ceiling – will conclude this coming Friday, so join us this Sunday and see the beauty we created thanks to John, Paul, David, and Chet! Saint Miriam, a true gem, keep getting better and better!
☨ A Hanging Altar Cross is Coming to Saint Miriam And Needs A Sponsor! Worthington Forge has completed the large hanging Alar Cross early!  It will be installed this coming Tuesday!! Please see Monsignor Jim or Alan today to sponsor this wonderful creation, or a new Pulpit, scheduled for complete in in March! You may make these memorial tributes in honor of someone you love, too! Two once-in-a-lifetime opportunities! The Altar Cross measures approximately 8 ft. tall  x  4 ft. wide using  3/4 inch beautiful  “wood bark” steel rods that will be bent and interwoven. We also attached a  “crown of thorns” that will hang from one arm of this stunning cross! Please, help us and preserve a legacy for you and your family today!
🙏🏼 It’s Time to Get Your Spirituality On This Saturday! You are invited to join us this Saturday, January 21st, 2017,  for our next  Saint Miriam Imperfect Spirituality Group at 10:00am! The topic this month is:  Walking with Saint Dominic. (We may even happen upon Saint Francis, Saint Miriam and a bunch of others!)  We will explore and discuss what the Saints can teach us and do for us ~ and we, can do for them!   Looking forward to seeing you and sharing fellowship, laughter, and love! Join Father Bryan this Saturday!
💒 View Our Full Rectory Plans Now OnLine! View the full gallery at our website now to see how the new Friary Rectory will look! Click Here and help us begin to grow a place for our priests today!
🌠 Third Order Franciscans Are Back This Sunday!  Please join our Secular Franciscan Group, this Sunday, January 22nd, at 1:00pm, as they explore the rich heritage of St. Francis and we deepen our own faith and understanding of what it means to be part of a Franciscan Catholic Parish! Join us!
🎫 It’s Lottery Time, Again! Our Zion PreSchool at Saint Miriam is once again sponsoring a lottery ticket fundraiser! We are selling tickets during the month of January that will be good for a chance to win over $2,000 during the month of February. Tickets are only $10 each and all you do is simply match the number on your ticket to the evening drawing of the PA Lottery and you win, it’s that simple! Please see someone on staff to get your tickets! Last month we had over 17 winners and so don’t miss your chance to WIN and support the children of our school, too!
💰End of Year Statements Ready January 29th! Our Finance Team has been working like elves and your End of Year Giving Statements will be ready next Sunday! Please pick them up before or after Mass to help us save on postage! Thank you to all who gave so generously in 2016 to make our mission happen at Saint Miriam!
🚌 A Little PREP Help Needed! Do you enjoy working with children?  Please consider joining our PREP team!  Our class sizes have increased and we are looking for assistant teachers in our PREPlay room and our second grade room.  Your responsibility would be to assist the head teacher with her tasks.  No planning involved!  Please see Shaun Little, or anyone on staff if you are interested, or Click Here!
🍯 CrockPot Dinners Coming Soon  to Saint Miriam on February 11th! Join us on Saturday February 11th at 6:30pm for a new tradition in the heart of winter that will warm you up! Crockpot Potluck Night comes to Saint Miriam where every dish will be cooked in a crockpot! Your $15.00 admission includes everything from appetizers to dessert and all the sides and wine, too! Join us!  Tickets are now available after all Masses and events or Click Here! 
🏁 Take Us Over The Finish Line? Please help us get over the finish line! We just went over $20,000, but need your help today! We are trying to give Monsigner a salary of $25,000 a year. Is he worth not more for all he does, and the countless hours he spends caring for us? Donate today by Clicking Here!
🐎 Pick Your Horse! A ” Night at the Races” Is Coming February 25th! Hello race fans! Plan on attending our first annual “A Night at the Races” on Saturday, February 25th for a night of fun, food and excitement. You’ll have an opportunity to bet on actual horse races and take home some money if your horse wins! For just $20, you’ll receive food, soda, wine, beer and a chance to win some great door prizes!  We will also offer games of chance and a derby hat contest for the ladies!  All of the fun begins at 7:00pm. Please be sure to see anyone on staff to get your tickets!
🌳 Union Cemetery Opens Section F: The St. Francis Green Memorial Section! Our brand new cemetery section, featuring St. Francis Joliet, is now open! The section is beautiful and will be even more stunning with the sporing plantings so take advantage of still-ongoing pre-construction prices of 30% off! Graves include single depth, double, family lots, cremation ground burial, and cremation niche entombment, and one stunning space within the base of the St. Francis Joliet Statute itself! Call today for your tour at 215-836-9800 x705!
🏡 The Building of Friary Rectory Has Come to Saint Miriam! Our priests give their lives for us and sacrifice in many ways. Monsignor has been living in an RV since we moved to our beautiful campus. But, many do not know the reason is that he sold his home and donated 100% of the proceeds to secure our mortgage here. Yes, that’s right! Father gave us all of the money from the sale of his home and because of that generous gift, we were able to enjoy all that way have here today. He also pays for his RV every month on his own! However, Whitemarsh Township sent a notice that he is not permitted to reside on the campus in an RV and he must move immediately. The notice is now almost three months old and we have been working toward a solution and they have allowed us some leeway to get a plan done. Therefore, with the generous help of David, Greg, and our team we have designed a new rectory! Soon the proposed architectural drawings will be posted in the Diener Room and we will be seeking your support. As you know, we offer many prayers for all of our benefactors, whether donations are large or small.  But, we are now praying intently for those souls who have the means to give us a larger gift. The building of our Friary Rectory must start in the spring, and we are in urgent need of gifts in the range of $10,000-$50,000 to ensure that will happen. How we will beg Our Lord to reward you a hundred-fold above and beyond the measure with which you give to us! May God reward you! Thank you for your considerations and prayers. If you can support this effort, please see Alan or Monsignor, or email by Clicking Here.
🍷 Bread & Wine Sponsors Needed… Remember that Saint Miriam offers Bread and Wine Sponsorships in addition to Honor, Memorial, and Sanctuary Lamp Masses, too! This is an opportunity for the Altar Bread and Wine to be memorialized for a loved one.  Donations can be made for these in memory of loved ones both living and deceased for one month at a time and covers the cost of providing bread and wine for the Holy Eucharist in honor of your intentions. And for each of these intention opportunities at Saint Miriam, an acknowledgement of your memorial will appear in the Sunday printed bulletin, online at our website, and during the announcements before every Mass; and we also offer a card that can be given to the family of the loved one, too! These are deeply moving and beautiful ways to honor our loved ones. Please, give a memorial today by Clicking Here.

Saint Miriam in Life: Other News!

🏵 Sponsorships Available for Some Exciting Additions! Please see Monsignor Jim or Alan today to sponsor a new Pulpit, scheduled for completion in March, or the beautiful new Hanging Cross to be erected over our Altar in February! You may make these memorial tributes in honor of someone you love, too! Two once-in-a-lifetime opportunities! Act fast for a beautiful tribute!
🔖 Update Your Bookmarks for Current Events! Our parishioner website ( has an updated page links for current events! Please visit it today and stay in the know! Click Here and bookmark it today!
♥️ “Scarfs with a Purpose” at Saint Miriam Bringing Warmth to Those In Need! So far we have distributed well over 100 scarves! Way to go!! As you know, we have teamed with with  Evol Majers to distribute newly created homemade scarfs from our wonderful Prayer Shawl Ministry Group for homeless persons in our area! Our warm, made with love, scarfs will be going to those who need warmth the most! Please support this new ministry by donating materials or making a generous donation or joining the group and helping make wonderful strength-giving knitted items for those in need of some pastoral care! See Midge Olson today to join the group, or simply purchase a few scarfs and drop them off to our collection in the Betsy and Walter Diener Room this week!! 

💗 Come on! Grab A Yard Sign And Help Us Grow! We often try and find new and innovative ways to spread the word about this wonderful parish we call home. Now, you can help! Please pick up a yard sign today from anyone on our team after Mass and take it home and display it in your front yard. At the end of the month, return it to us so we can hand it out to another family to do the same! Through your   efforts, we will continue to spread the word about Saint Miriam and save marketing costs, too! 

 January Ministry Team Schedules are Posted! Our Ministry Team Schedules are posted  online at our parishioner website. Be sure to check out your service dates! Thank you for all you do to make Saint Miriam so special!
📖 Large Print Lectionary On Its Way! We heard you! Some of our readers are having trouble with the current Lectionary readings with a 12 and 14 font so we ordered a larger print Lectionary and it will begin in January after its arrival! Just another way to make your volunteer ministry easier! Thank you to all who read at Mass and if you can also help, please see Deacon Pat today!
✝️ Mass Intentions Needed! Our parish needs Mass Intentions, Bread & Wine Sponsors, and Sanctuary Lamp Memorials. We also have two special intention categories: A Sanctuary Lamp Intention allows your choice of either Mass type to be honored and includes the Sanctuary Lamp Candle burning all week long in the Sanctuary near the Tabernacle where the Presence of Our Lord is kept sacred, to remember your loved one. Please honor your loved ones with the gift of the mass by Clicking Here.  
 Just a Few Left So Please Pick Up A Yard Signs & Help Us Grow! We often try and find new and innovative ways to spread the word about this wonderful parish we call home. Now, you can help! Please pick up a yard sign today from anyone on our team after Mass and take it home and display it in your front yard. At the end of the month, return it to us so we can hand it out to another family to do the same! Through your  efforts, we will continue to spread the word about Saint Miriam and save marketing costs, too! 
 Need a Good Book to Read? Check Out Our Wonderful Library! Our books are now on Goodreads and broken down by category. Check out our Goodreads page today! Want to check out a book? Just write your name, email address, and date on the sign out card located in the back of each book and place it in the checkout card holder. Books can be checked out for 30 days. If you’d like to make a book donation to the library or have any questions, email our Librarian, Peggy Gabriele by Clicking Here.
 Join Us Every Thursday and Get Your Jesus On! Every Thursday from 5:00pm – 6:00pm, the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed for adoration in the Sanctuary before our Thursday Mass at 6:00pm! Understood simply, Eucharistic Adoration is adoring or honoring the Eucharistic Presence of Christ. In a deeper sense, it involves “the contemplation of the Mystery of Christ truly present before us”.  During Eucharistic Adoration, we “watch and wait”, we remain “silent” in His Presence and open ourselves to His Graces which flow from the Eucharist … By worshiping the Eucharistic Jesus, we become what God wants us to be! Like a magnet, The Lord draws us to Himself and gently transforms us. Join us every Thursday! Need 24 good reasons to come? Read this article!
 It’s Never To Early to Plan Ahead: Join Saint Miriam for a Lenten Retreat with Sr. Eleanor Francis! Join Saint Miriam for an All-Day Lenten Retreat on “The Prodigal Son” with (The Reverend) Sister Eleanor Francis of the Community of St John the Baptist, Mother Superior and an active priest in the Episcopal Church.  Mark your calendars now for Saturday, March 18th – 9:00am – 8:00pm! The 2016 Lenten Retreat will Include Morning Prayer, Meditations, Invitation to you to come  inside the story, Forgiveness: What it is and what it’s not, and The Good Samaritan: A Meditation and Discussion! Meals are provided! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks throughout the Retreat! But, Wait! You’re Not Done Yet! Join Us on Sunday, The Third Sunday of Lent, March 19th 2016, too! Sr. Eleanor Francis will Con-Celebrate the 11:00am Morning Mass with Choir where she will deliver the homily and then present an Adult Forum during our fellowship time in the Saint Miriam Cafe’ in the Undercroft. Her presentation will focus on history and present ministries of the Community of St. John Baptist, with a piece about how they fit into the larger church in North America. Join us for an exciting time to dwell with God during the Holy Season of Lent!
 Visit the Online Store for the Parish! We recently asked our website designer to make a few enhancements to our online store! Please visit it today and make a purchase to support our ministry by buying your own Saint Miriam Holding Cross, a Mass Cards, Saint Miriam Prayer Cards, a beautiful Rosary, or even sponsor a child, or get your annual Luau tickets, and more! Click Here!
 Get A Church in Your Pocket! Our Saint Miriam Parish App was recently updated and features faster download times, and a ‘refresh’ button for the newest content and a bible and more! One more exciting change is on its way this month! So please download our Parish App by Clicking Here!

Saint Miriam in Support: Grow our Mission!

 How Much do You Love Saint Miriam?  There are many ways to support the mission of our parish and a flyer has been prepared to show you how easy it is! Please learn about GoodSearch, GoodShop, eBay, and Amazon Smile! Please support us and pick up a flyer or Support Flyer one today!
Matching Gifts Make Giving Easy! Did you ever inquire to see if your employer or club or social network offers assistance to parishes or schools? Your gift could double and help us grow without anything more from your own pocket! Please remember to ask…it never does hurt! 
Log on and Help the School? Have Fun and Help Zion Preschool at Saint Miriam! We discovered something you should check out! Vacations, golf rounds, cruises and much more that you can enjoy to help Zion Preschool at Saint Miriam. Get a great deal and help a great cause.It’s easy to get involved and make a difference! Visit: or Click Hereor Visit our Store!
 Visit the Online Store for the Parish! We recently asked our website designer to make a few enhancements to our online store! Please visit it today and make a purchase to support our ministry by buying your own Saint Miriam Holding Cross, a Mass Cards, Saint Miriam Prayer Cards, a beautiful Rosary, or even sponsor a child, or get your annual Luau tickets, and more! Just Click Here!
♻️ Go Greener at Saint Miriam (and Saint Miriam Academy, too)! Our exclusive customized 24 oz. sport water bottles that combines our love of water with our parish’s “Green Policy” reduces our carbon footprint and will save thousands of plastic bottles from entering the ecosystem! And, the best part is your $10 donation goes directly to help our children’s educational programming! Get your own bottle today by visiting our online store and help go even stay greener!
 Help Our Children in 2016: Sponsor a Child Today! We now have 8 Sponsors so far! There are many ways to help our children become better adults and Christians, as well as better practicing Catholics, and this year we offer two wonderful means to bring a smile – and a little support – right to our school! First, why not think about purchasing a brick that will help in the building of a new pathway to our Saint Miriam Summer Playground area and forever create a legacy on our campus! For every donation of $100.00 to The Saint Miriam Fund receive a 4 x 8 Personalized Brick! (Special Size of 8 x 8 is Available for a Donation Amount of $250.00). Learn more about our needed bricks by Clicking Here! Or, you may also sponsor a child directly now! When you sponsor a child, you create a special relationship between you, a child in need, the community of Saint Miriam, and our team of caring professionals! Together, we are helping to change the future for children through a quality and affordable private education! For just $29 a month, or a one-time donation of only $350, you can provide essential aid and education to improve the well-being of every child that comes to our doors! And, because we actually feed our children during the school day, your donation not only helps give them a good education, you fill their bellies with wholesome food, too! It gives you the opportunity to witness young lives transformed for the future right here in Montgomery County! Learn more here.
TEXT Your Gifts to Saint Miriam TODAY! Text Giving allows you to give to your organization by simply sending a text message to our specially reserved phone number! You just “Text any dollar amount to (215) 515-6511.”  Once you text an amount (like “$50” or “120.50”) you would either be sent an acknowledgment for the gift (meaning it processed) or given a short link to click in order to provide their payment information (one time only). You are also prompted by text message with instructions. The whole process is designed to be very simple and self explanatory. Another way to give and support…making it easy so try it today!
Mass Donations: A Beautiful Tribute As Catholics the most important thing we do is pray and offer the sacrifice of the Mass. Please…don’t forget to make your Mass intentions today by Clicking HereTogether, we honor God together.
Get Your Mass Intentions In Person! Join the Women of Saint Miriam after any Mass and make your Mass Intentions live and in person after any Mass on Sunday! Now you can honor a loved one in person or online, too!
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Saint Miriam in Fellowship: The Saint Miriam Cafe’!

☕️ Eat & Help a Child?
Now, every time you purchase something wonderful from our Saint Miriam Cafe’ after our Sunday morning Masses, we contribute 100% of that donation to a scholarship fund that allows children without the means to attend our wonderful Zion Preschool at Saint Miriam and Saint Miriam Academy! Your good eating, helps a child! 
For more information and our delicious current month’s menus, just  Click Here

Saint Miriam in Calendar Form:  A Few Upcoming Highlights! 

( Visit our Parish Calendar Here for full weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules.)
  • Jan 22nd:

    • Secular Franciscan Group at 1:00pm

    Jan 29th:

    • Liturgy Committee at 12:15pm

    Jan 24th:

    –  Installation of new Altar Cross

    • Recovery, Inc. at 6:30pm

    Jan 26th :

    • Adoration at 5:00pm
    • Mass at 6:00pm
    • Rosary at 6:30pm
    • Boy Scout Troop #320 at 7:00pm

    Jan 28th:

    • AA Sunrise at 8:30am
    • Annual Parish Board Retreat – All Day

    Feb 5th:

    • St. Blaise Blessing of Throats – all Masses
    • Pre-Jordan Class at 12:15pm

    Feb 11th:

    • Crockpot Potluck at 6:30pm

    Feb 12th:

    • Annual Boy Scout Mass at 10:30am