What We Believe and Why.

Compassion. No, we are not perfect, but as a parish goes, we are very compassionate. We place humanity above rules and regulations emulating the very grace of God. We strive toward justice as we reach out to level the rough roads with special concern for those in need. We have a joyfulness of spirit about us from the moment you walk through our doors! It comes from an awareness of being blessed by God in so many ways as parish, school, friary, historic cemetery, and pet memorial garden. And, finally, we wrap all of that up in humility; being authentic at all times and a life of service as instruments of God. Broken? Yes.  But never so broken that we fail to live to these core values and that is why we now have an image to remind us of who we are so that we never lose our way.

In the coming weeks we will finish renovations, open a brand new school, once again be charged with teaching youngsters the meaning of love and life. We will gaze upon new administration space, signage, a brand new roof, and many upgrades. We will welcome another Franciscan Priest to help guide us as a parish. And press on we must, and love we must, and welcome we must, because it has served us all so well thus far, these core values of ours.

Living up to these core values is hard. It always will be in a world that so bent on ‘self’ and rejects the foreigner and the different. Not here. Not at Saint Miriam.

Father Critchley-Menor, a Jesuit, said it best at his arrest over immigration policies that tear families apart. He said, We are called to stand in the threshold between the church and the world and expose policies for which Christian consent is impossible.” And so we are.

In every age, God sends us opportunities to live the Gospel and to grow in holiness.
This is our time.

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